Dressing the Baby Bump: Week 20 & Boston Weekly

Above: DVF maxi (the solution to all bump dressing!), Rachel Comey Dekalb clogs, vintage Gucci clutch, Sisco + Berluti bracelets (c/o)



Who: As in, who am I listening to.

Passion Pit, Lifted Up. That high-pitched magic is back on Angelakos' third album, Kindred. Perfect for spring, windows rolled down, driving. Cause we could all use a little lifting after the winter we endured.


What: As in, what went down this week/end. 

Busy weekend hosting friends, planning for baby, and planning for some vacation time, so very much needed!

We hosted friends for a dinner party, cooked up some spinach pies (I love this recipe from Ina) and pretty proud I butterflied a leg of lamb on my own. Stuffed it with herbs and date, roasted to perfection. Even I, and all my meat aversions, could manage a few bites.

Trying to make headway on nursery #2, though it has been slow going. How do you manage it when baby #1 is still pretty active with your original nursery set up? Move to a big girl bed? What about a glider? I feel like Daphne is going to have enough change when the new baby comes but I refuse to purchase another glider, no matter how attached Daphne is to hers.

I also had the chance to try out a spa facial from Clarins at Bloomingdales. It was so very much needed after a month of colds, stomach flus, and family + pet drama. For a blissful hour, I was able to erase all the stress and indulge in all the Clarins products I love so dearly (check here for my entire spring beauty round up). The spa at Bloomingdales is almost a secret space, tucked just off the main beauty sales floor. You'll quickly forget where you are and just appreciate the pampering. The Clarins specialist quickly adapted everything to my pregnancy needs and ever changing hormonal skin- thank you! Be sure to check it out next time you make it to Chestnut Hill.  They are still running a promotion for 25% off now.


Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about. 

Shop new, very cool site, Shop Pyramid. Designers you need to know about: Rodebjer (will I ever learn to pronounce this?!) and Studio Nicolson being on the short list. Check it. Shop it. Love it.

Skinner Auctioneers is hosting an amazing online only jewelry auction this week, with oodles of Chanel, Hermes and Cartier. I'll be keeping my eye on the Chanel perfume bottle bag donated by none other than Gisele Bundchen to benefit REACH Beyond Domestic Violence.  

Chantecaille's global artist Fernando Cadavid makes an in store appearance at Neiman Marcus, Friday May 1st. Great excuse to get your make up done and plan a dinner date with your significant other!



Lani Loves: Ancient Greek Jelly Sandals


Ancient Greek Jelly Sandals


What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.



I'm a child of the 80's, what can I say? I love jellys. Comfy, squishy, indestructible.

So I can't help but be a huge fan of these Ancient Greek jellys for the grown up set. Sleek, matte, in neutral fabulous clear. And they are winged! I'll be investing in a pair of these for the beach this month. Now if only they made a mini-version for little D;) 



More Lani Loves:


Stella McCartney Superhero Bag 


Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know: Interview with Sophie Hughes


Welcome you to 'Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know'. A semi regular series profiling women doing fantastically cool things, sharing cool ideas, inspiration, and looking pretty damn cool, doing it all. 

You know these people. They are not mythical creatures, they are real people, running life like a boss. The pal who has a retail site, a day job, travels to exotic locales, writes a blog, and plans parties on the side. Or the lawyer, who is designing a house, attending fashion shows, and launching a second career as a stylist......with twins riding shotgun. I swear, they exist. Here. In this very city, no less.

Maybe we just glean a few pearls of wisdom on how they manage the juggling, family, and day to day life. Perhaps one of them will be the catalyst, inspiring you to try that {insert your lifelong goal, new passion, or latest obsession here} you've always wanted to do. Or maybe you come away with a new trend to try for spring, simple as that.

Last year was a good year for Sophie Hughes. She was named Best of Boston Jewelry Designer 2014 by the Improper Bostonian and her shop, Ore, was awarded Best Everyday Jewelry 2014 by Boston Magazine. After a mere year of being open. A year! I was lucky enough to meet her a few years ago, in a "I knew her when" type situation, popping into her SOWA studio to preview some jewelry (and walk out with a few items, I confess). But these are the kind of accolades I would expect of a talented, bright, and humble woman like Sophie and I could see even at our first meeting that she would soon have all these honors listed next to her name.

What do you need to know about this seemingly charmed designer? She has logged the hours of hard work to back up all her success. She has the talent to produce her own line- known for it's focus on recycled metals and ethically sourced gems, and likewise, support other women in the industry by sharing her commercial space with talented peers. You'll find the wares of Hannah Blount, Diana Mitchell, Elizabeth Woll, Lauren Passenti, and Laura Jalitsch all stocking Ore's shelves and cabinets. Women helping other women, what we SHOULD be doing and another reason the two of us vibe so well.....the sole reason I started this interview series. To quote that badass Madeleine Albright, "there is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women". Fact.

Sophie is New England talent, home grown in Maine, refined in town at MassArt, though you would be hard pressed to guess at her coastal roots that from her casually chic look and polished-pulled together layers of jewelry. First guess would likely lean more towards the NYC-cool girl school, and you wouldn't be far off since she does spend a lot of her time between the two cities, but more on that later.

What does a typical day hold for this budding entrepreneur? A juggling act of store management, staff oversight, custom design, customer meetings, and time in the studio creating, crafting, and producing the line that has made her so well known. She is straight up winning at this balancing act, stiking the right mix between the creative and business sides of her brain with grace. Sophie wisely listens to her customers and customer feedback, moving the business forward incrementally, one step at a time, using her instinct.  The pay off? Getting to witness the emotion of a customer as they glimpse their one of a kind engagement ring for the first time- her favorite part of the gig.

How does this designer stay inspired? The feedback of her studio mates & staff is a great start, along with a subscription to nearly every stylish magazine out there. Hughes will often tear scraps, reference books on ancient and tribal jewelry, obsessively screen shot items online, tear editorials she is drawn to, file them, hang them, register them, and ultimately "sense a beat" for something she is drawn to, but rarely ever goes back to them. The images and design sense is absorbed, as if my osmosis, pouring out when she sits at her work bench. What has caught her eye lately? Keep your eye out for interesting diamond shapes (a kite shaped diamond? Why not?), layered with stacks of dainty yellow gold rings.

The best perks of her new role as shop owner? Ironically, freedom. Freedom to work remotely, craft on a set schedule thanks to her team of support, to take more trips to NYC, and conduct the customer meetings herself. New York seems to be calling Sophie more often as of late- shows, conferences, buying, meeting with clients, and maybe even scouting spots for a second space in "all" her spare time. While Hughes is open to expansion, she wants it to happen organically, and not have an impact on the current work/life balance she has worked so hard to achieve for her and her employees. She initially opened Ore "without totally realizing what [she] was getting into.....which is why I was able to do it". Refreshing honestly too folks. 

Now, where does this taste maker shop and dine when she does emerge from her studio? I'm going to take her advice soon and try out Takahachi (sushi) and Little Dokebi (Korean BBQ), next time I make it to the NYC. Any spot dubbed the BEST SUSHI EVER (where she had sushi for dinner and then ordered more for dessert) is worth a visit in my book. Locally, she sticks close to home in the South End with Beehive, Picco, and B&G Oysters. Late night style?? Sophie keeps it real at JJ Foleys, or kicks back for cocktails in the shop with some of her close circle of pals. Likewise, Hughes sticks to the South End when shopping as well, voting Olives & Grace number one for gifts of every kind, Hudson for home decor, and maybe an odd shop display item or accent for her own store, and Follain, just around the corner from Ore, where she stocks up on Ilia lipstick. 

Want to see Sophie Hughes Jewelry and learn more about Ore? Check out her site: and look for her goods in the much hyped shops Love Adorned (NYC) and Roseark (LA). 


Five Questions with Mon Petit Chou Chou


One word that describes you?

No-bullshit ;)

Actress who would play you in the movie of your life?

Marion Cotillard

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Macaroni and cheese. As in: straight Kraft, from the box.

If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find?

Amazing Grass Green SuperFood mix, fresh peppers in all colors, carrots, kale, cheese, champagne, and almond milk.

Your daily beauty routine:

Hair goes up in a french twist or braid. Coconut oil for moisturizing my face. Light makeup (like Ilia lipstick and RMS cover-up from my neighbor Follain) and mascara. And when I get to the shop, I throw on a spritz of one of our fragrance "testers" - I get to pick a new scent every day!


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