Ode to the Penny Loafer: Street Style Edition

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Time to come clean, I'm having a full on, fall love affair with the penny loafer.

But really more like a full time kind of thing because I just love em, year round, through the years. Started back in grade school with my trips to Bass, when I was so beyond excited to get a new pair, and plop a shiny penny in the front. Now, the basics remain the same, with colorful, shiny, or two tone finishes.

I'll be back soon with some of my favorite pairs available now....... 


Fringe, Druzy & a Little Boozy

Above: Zara dress, Frame Le Skinny jeans, Isabel Marant Crisi boots, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos tote, Chic to Chic Druzy Geode Earrings




Who: As in, who am I listening to. Sleigh Bells, End of the Line.  Derek Miller and Alexis Krauss ride BMX bikes while still managing to look simultaneously moody and fashionable. I'd like to personally thank them for seeing me through that final mile. This is a great add to any running mix. 

What: As in, what went down this week/end. Ran my first half marathon. Still in recovery mode. Nursing my sore muscles by indulging in lots of fried food. I prepared for the race by hitting a wine tasting on Friday and Saturday, because that's what one does before a big race, right? 

I have been off earrings lately (mainly due to grab-happy toddler hands) but I was lucky to test drive these geode druzy beauties from local jeweler Chic to Chic. The diamonds have me rethinking my stance on the no-jewelry policy- hubs, take note. 

Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about. 

Special Boo! Edition

Boston Ballet presents Swan Lake, opening Thursday October 30th,  at the Boston Opera House. Swing by the 31st for a special Halloween-esque night, where guests are invited to wear spooky, but classy (it's the ballet, people, keep the sexy nurse costume at home), masquerade attire. Phantom of the Opera masks optional.

Ole restaurant (up in my old 'hood, Cambridge), celebrates Day of the Dead on November 1st, with the kick off of their 'Festival del Mole' month. Everything it sounds like. Cause it sounds crazy delicious.

Swing by Hudson's South End shop for a treat, where they'll be hosting Erin Gates, of Elements of Style for a book signing from 6-8. RSVP recommended:


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Drink it! Late Fall Harvest

I haven't built my first fire yet, but it's definitely getting to full fall.....finally. Cool temps at night call for a tasty tipple to warm the insides. 

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