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St John Travelogue

I even managed to get dressed up for dinner.

Overlooking Trunk Bay, file under gorgeous water, tropical sun and fun.

Shout out to Stylecaster and IFB!

Our week in St. John was about the most relaxing trip I have ever had- I feel like I keep repeating that. Relaxation brought on by equal parts beautiful weather, beaches, tropical mango beers, and rum and pineapple cocktails.

We stayed at a villa Island Manor for the week (I vastly prefer this to a hotel!), a quick drive from Cruz Bay (hustle and bustle) and perched above Chocholate Hole Bay.  Once settled in we commenced exploring beaches in our Wrangler- Cinnamon Bay and Maho were our favourites, snorkeling and partaking in various rum based cocktails (noted throughout).

The island culture there is so laid back, from the ferry ride over, where my cocktail of choice was the painkiller (coconut, rum and nutmeg) via Captain Quinn's, to the daily routine, it was absolute heaven. Husband and I caught the Pat's game at Castaways, full of football fans once happy hour begins, and a delicious meal out at Plancha del Mar, where we sampled the local fish wahoo.  We even hiked through old rum distilleries, plantations, prohibition hideouts and hills taking in flora and fauna.

The only draw backs, and these are minor, were driving on the left side of the road (very disorienting experience) and sand fleas called locally no-see-ums (love that name). These minute sand fleas found me to be a delicious snack but left husband untouched, of course.

I'll definitely be back.

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