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Get In My Closet: Hannah Blount Jewelry and Interview

Allow me to introduce you to my latest jewelry obsession, Hannah Blount Jewelry.

I recently met Hannah (you saw some of her gorgeous creations here) and chatted fine jewels all in the name of research for the blog.....and my ever expanding Christmas list. Santa, stay tuned.

Hannah is local, just lovely as can be, and exceedingly talented. Her designs evoke seaward hints of her family home on Nantucket, as well as a refined urban aesthetic, with streamlined branches, shapes and precious metals.

Each piece is handmade to order, by Hannah in her Boston based studio. You can also preview her work at Harvard Square/Cambridge shop Topaz and at the shop Hephburn on Nantucket. Be sure to give her site a thorough inspection, I promise you will not be disappointed.

New England looks like it places a major role in influencing in your work, especially the (stunning!) barnacle and shell pieces. How do you typically come up with new designs?
New England (and specifically Nantucket) certainly is a major influence on my aesthetic. But I am also a lover of objects. I like to decorate my apartment with things. Things like cool shells, old pocket watches and door knobs, antlers, bottles... there is something so beautifully romantic about the memories and feelings in these things. I suppose I try to harness the romance. My Ruthie B collection is certainly an example of that... the jewelry hearkens to my childhood, where I fondly remember these organic objects scattered across our home.

What is the design process from idea to implementation with such complex metalwork?
So many processes! First is the idea, obviously, and often a sketch (but not always). But most of it is execution. There is a lot of soldering, hammering, sanding, sawing, melting, bleeding, and much more, that goes into each item. The other part of designing is being at peace with failure. It feels wonderful to put down a piece, twenty hours in, because I just don't like it. It's liberating. Just because I think it, doesn't mean it will look fabulous. Some of that is skill, but most of it is luck.

What are you favourite metals and gems to work with? I noticed a lot of turquoise in your latest work, any reason you seem drawn to it?
Turquoise (and Gold) are my favorite materials. They are my colors. I think they look fabulous on everyone, in every season, with every outfit. But I have oh so many favorite stones, I couldn't even begin to list them... or spell them.

Starting your own line is such a leap of faith- how did make the decision?
I majored in Jewelry/Metals at Umass Dartmouth. Over the years I found myself consistently turning to nature for inspiration. So, when it came to my senior thesis, I gathered my design focus from previous semesters and went forward with it. That is where I came up with my Waiting collection, which incorporates eggs and branches. Everything branched off from there (pun intended!), so really it was quite easy!

If you weren't designing what would you be doing?
I've always loved pottery... one day I would like to have a side ceramics studio, just for fun. But if I had to choose something other than jewelry, that would be it!

Five Questions with MPCC

Trapped on a desert island, what three things do you bring?
By desert island do you mean deserted island, or actual desert climate? Because that makes a huge difference... I mean a desert climate I'd bring water and sunscreen and perhaps a bow for hunting, but a deserted tropical island I might bring a hammock, a magazine, and cake.

Favourite scent?

Last major purchase you made?
Helena De Natalio handbag... I couldn't resist!

Ice cream or gelato?
Ice cream!

Biggest accomplishment?
At 23 I exhibited in a NY wholesale accessories show. I learned so much and worked so hard, and didn't sleep for three months.

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