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Currently Obsessing: Winter Brights

Currently Obsessing over.......

Brilliant sapphire flecks, deep green hues and flame orange 
accents (to go along with our foliage perhaps?).

I just discovered the crazy fun colors in this Urban Decay compact, which was actually a gift at this fall's IFB conference. I didn't think they would be very "me" at all, and yet, strangely they work.

Can we discuss these shoes from Asos? I picked them up post preview (here) and have not stopped wearing them. They were kind of a stretch for me and my daily footwear but I am glad I took the plunge. I have to say it: they are comfortable too!

This long pendant feels so right, right now. The colors, the pattern, the length and best of all, it's a great way to try a trend- ringing in at $5.99 from Forever 21.

And to get my through these cooler winter evenings, some cute as can be cocktail tumblers with all my colors of the moment from Anthropologie. Time to go fill one of these and kick back!

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