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Harvest Moon




Featured Above: TopShop skirt, Forever 21 Coat, J Crew Shirt, Banana Republic Boots, Lizzie Fortunato for Madewell Necklace

Who says you can't go home again?

I popped by the family farm last week (dropping off the old dining room set to make room for the new!) and had to take advantage of the views and sunny skies for some outfit photos with my new recurring guest photographer, ma mere!

I broke out the orange lipstick too! Though in the photos it doesn't seem as orange as I initially thought it was. Seemed much more shocking before I left the house with it on. Isn't that always the way?

The only new item here is the skirt from Topshop. The boots are too old to really reveal and the jacket was one of those deals in Forever 21 that you just can't pass up- $8.99! It's a bit heavy in the shoulders but for the most part a great buy. My mother was shocked when I told her where I got it.

The farm makes people happy. I can't help but smile at, and in, these photos. Unless you have hay fever or are allergic to horses and/or hay, then the farm will not make you happy. I can't wait for summer days there....

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