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Louis Afternoon Part II

Part duex of my fashion extravaganza: Afternoon with Louis Boston.  I know it's hard to believe the fun didn't end with the delicious chartreuse Roland Mouret dress (and all that I posted previously), but to my delight, continue it did.....


All Photos: Adam DeTour

Pam Gechijian deftly guided be through my three looks (above, from left): cocktails with the ladies, dramatic night on the town, and finally, the casual yet appropriately, fashion forward look. I was allowed to played dress up with all the greats, Proenza Schouler, Marni, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, Alessandra Rich, and a few new friends, Of Two Minds and Lindsey Thornburg, as seen in this new casual offering.


How did you know I love Lindsey Thornburg? So fun styled with this Marni bag, Balenciaga sandals 
and Of Two Minds harem capris.

This Lindsey Thornburg cape is PERFECT for Spring. It features her signature style, but updated with a fresh pattern on linen. I usually wear my heavier Thornburg cape in cooler weather, wrapped around my neck like a scarf, but Pam had the oh so clever idea of wrapping it under the arms to give it more shape. Genius.


Post styling session I wandered around the store and was of course sucked in immediately by the shoe and purse selection. I went in thinking I'd indulge in some Jason Wu heels, left carrying the PS1 bag- go figure.  Louis Boston has a little bit of everything you could ever want and exactly what you didn't even know you needed.

Be sure to come down to Louis in late June for Jennifer Chun's Louis Exposure event. Louis will feature Jennifer's stunning designs in a special pop-up, your first chance to get some of her gorgeous line into your own closet. More details on this to come. Suffice it to say it will be my special version of fashion heaven, one of my favourite new designers with Louis Boston. Wouldn't dream of missing this!



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