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Ahoy Captain!



Above: Current Elliot Captain Trouser, J Crew sandals, J Crew belt, Club Monaco tee, 
Proenza Schouler bag, Aqua blazer, H and M bangles

Last weekend we had one of those tastes of Spring- sunny, crisp, green, tad cool.

Husband and I took advantage of the weather for a walk to Harvard Square. Since we were heading to the square for my Sunday indulgence of burgers and shakes (at Flat Patty's which has a new location), I opted for my baggy captain trousers. I may have been a little premature with my choice in sandals but Spring is really about optimism for warmer weather (right?) so I toughed it out even though my toes were a wee bit cold.

Flat Patty's did not disappoint. I indulged in the Sunday Morning (burger, ham, egg, cheese) and a coffee shake. And then proceeded to waddle my way over to Forty Winks to check out Maison Close lingerie, as recommended by my pal at Style on the Couch. She was not wrong in her assessment of the brand, citing Maison Close as a brand known for "price, quality and sensuality". Lingerie shopping post massive burger however, was wrong. Should you seek to replicate such an outing, I would highly suggest you reverse the order, which sadly was not possible with my famished husband in tow.


Warning: Do not attempt before shopping.


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