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Featured: Minnetonka moccasins, Oliver Peoples sunglasses, dress by ?? I had to cut the tags out! 
from Lit Boutique,J Crew belt and Lizzie Fortunato for Madewell necklace. 
Guest starring Mr. Ty and Miss Kiki.

It feels so good to be back home in Boston. Sometimes I think I'd love to pick up and move abroad, for the adventure of it all, the newness- I have been in Boston and New England for longer than I care to put in print....but then when I get home from a long trip, I realize just how fabulous this gem of a city is.

Now, don't get me wring here, France was amazing; epic, chic, cultured and all things pretty and fabulous (more on this to come in a slew of posts when I have settled in and gotten over my jet lag), but it makes you better appreciate what you have at home. What did I miss the most while running around France? My pups of course! Europeans have such a more relaxed attitude about dogs in public spaces- they go everywhere, with nary the bat of an eyelash to be seen. I found myself often wishing we had ours along for the ride.

This outfit was from the weekend before our trip. We had a perfect day with the pups, making the most of our time before departing. We took some photos for the Solemates project Alana is running at Good Girl Gone Blog and then headed to the South End. Outdoor lunch at the Buttery with Kiki and Ty, and then a farewell trip to Looc, may that lovely store rest in peace. Where will I go to get my Marant fix now? The Boston shopping landscape has seriously been left with a giant void to fill. I was excited to hear from Audra that Hudson will be moving from around the corner to fill the gorgeous space. Sad, but excited to see it inhabited by someone so fabulous.

Stay tuned, more to come on the French trip, my fashionable finds, the 5 course meals that contributed to my "vacation padding" aka the weight I now need to drop, and some of the sites we visited. Can't wait to share!

PS, a heartfelt thanks to all my wonderful guest bloggers: Lissy from A Girl in Boston, Anne from Ritournelle and Milla, of Not Just Another Milla. You ladies made it possible for everyone to share in a little bit of Paris while I was there. Merci!

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