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Downtown Abbey Style: Lady Edith

How was my installment of Downtown Abbey only an hour this week? The tragedy!

It did not disappoint within this allotted time slot, however. Edith seems to have finally found her calling, working with the soldiers they've taken into the Abbey, and might I add much more respectable than her dealings with the local farmer, ahem. Regardless it is nice to see ugly duckling Edith finally spread her wings a little and.....drive. Whatever gets you out of the shadow of two gorgeous siblings!

So it is with Edith we continue the Donwton Abbey style series this week.

I also came across a lovely article via Vogue (by Plum Sykes), where she dishes Downtown dress, make up, and Edwardian society with the stunning ladies who so skillfully bring to life the Crawley sisters.

 Image: Vogue

Michelle Dockery, the actress behind the steely/fragile Lady Mary, reveals that they use no mascara on set- clearly in keeping with the women of the day. I love a show that makes an effort to stay true historically, though I confess, I feel a bit naked without mascara!  Anne Oldham, the make up designer, turned to a local Boston luminary for beauty inspiration, referencing the artist John Singer Sargent and the women of his famed portraits. Artists on set achieve the "Sargent glow" via Chanel and Armani foundation (my foundation of choice), leaving the actresses eyelids free of anything, another trick, helping to achieve the no-makeup look.

Laura Carmichael, the actress who plays Lady Edith, has seen her look evolve as a result of her character's transformation on the series. Edith is blossoming before our eyes, from the forgettable, scheming middle sister, to a much more relatable woman.  Her fashion and her make up have become softer and a bit more fun. Carmichael welcomes the addition of some Chantecaille or Stila blush and a touch of Armani lip color for evening scenes. And why not?

Check out the gorgeous photo of them from the Vogue shoot, full make up! I can't wait to see whether the shows popularity has a hand in shaping some fall fashion a la Mad Men. I would welcome it with open arms, though, I will never forgo the mascara!

Stay tuned for my final installment on Downton style- Lady Sybil of course, the most modern and unpredictable of the three!

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