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Holiday Decor: White Birch DIY

IMG_6250 IMG_6256 IMG_6260


The DIY title is probably misleading. This is about as simple a home grown project as you can find- hence why I was inspired to actually take it on....when I normally leave the DIY projects to the more skilled (cooking aside)!

Enter, Restoration Hardware site, and their version of this birch holiday decor (here). I loved it, outdoorsy and modern. I said, self, you can do this.

As luck would have it, my father in law sourced some branches from his property. I bought some LED strands from Amazon, et voila! I love them so much I can't decide whether I keep them inside or share and put them outside. 

Do you usually make your holiday decorations? Or leave it to others?

PS, if you are in search of a fun holiday playlist, I am loving the eclectic choices via InStyle (here) on Spotify. 

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