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Donwton Abbey Style: Lady Sybil

Last, but certainly not least in my Dowton Abbey style series, Lady Sybil, far and away the most modern of the Crawley girls and my favourite character in the series. 

Sybil is the embodiment of the social/class crisis at the heart of the series. Born into England's version of the 1% at that time, (i.e. landed gentry) nary a care in the world existed for our darling, other than which custom gown to wear....or gasp pants!

Ironic that England has done away with entitlement laws,  only recently for the royal crown, and we find a growing disillusionment in our own country building, occupy anyone?  The disparity between the uber wealthy and, well, everyone else does seem to be widening but how will we meet it? Perhaps channel a little Lady Sybil?

Exciting news on the Downton Abbey front! 

Season three, to be set in the roaring twenties, was recently greenlit for production in early 2012. Julian Fellowes, the creator and principal writer has confirmed a Catholic plot line (sure to include our handsome but headstrong chauffeur, Lady Sybil's questionable love interest) and the amazeballs addition to the cast of Shirley Maclaine, as Cora's mother. Does the casting get any better than that? Me thinks not.

My final Downtown tidbit, which I am quite frankly still a bit mystified over, is the soon to be recorded album featuring the vocal stylings of Michelle Dockery (Lady Mary) and Elizabeth McGovern (Lady Cora). McGovern, who has a few hits under her belt from the 80's currently performs with the band Sadie and the HotHeads. Pub performances have been known to include Michelle Dockery and the logical next step is to put an album out. Clearly. I'll leave you to mull this over while I check out McGovern's 80's chart toppers, "She's Having a Baby" and "Once Upon a Time in America".

1. Lisa Mink Cape 
2. TopShop Beetle Cuff 
3. Vintage Red Cross Uniform 
Vintage Red Cross Bag 
4. Chie Mihara Sandals
5. TopShop Pink Clutch 
6. Portolano Elbow Length Gloves
7 Temperley London Gown 
8. TopShop Headband 

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