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Flour Bakery: Maple Oat & Raisin Scones

Winter mornings, lazy weekends, reading the paper....always made better by some freshly baked treat to accompany my coffee.

Sometimes I just wake up in the mood to bake- is that weird?  Luckily, I had the ingredients on hand to turn my craving into reality, with Joanne Chang's Maple Oat/Raisin Scones (from her Flour Cookbook). The beauty of these is that you most likely have everything you need to prepare them (oats, butter, raisins, maple syrup), right in your pantry.

The maple glaze is the piece de la resistance....giving a sweet topper to the buttery, flakey scones. I confess, I probably should have made it thicker, but I hate wasting ingredients and didn't want to make another batch when this turned out a bit thin. It still tasted divine and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

I highly recommend this cook book, which has quickly become my baking bible. I have yet to have something bad. The Flour recipe is not available online, but here is a similar version via Smitten Kitchen!

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