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Hemingway Daiquiri

I may have found fault with the Old Man and the Sea, but there can be no fault in the author's cocktail of preference.

Husband and I have had a full on rum renaissance since our trip to St John this fall (he also noted I have yet to share the painkiller recipe, so stay tuned for that). This hand squeezed daiquiri makes the most of winter's fruit options and is so vibrant with the addition of Luxardo.

We tinkered with the recipe a bit, adding 2 parts dark rum (not spiced) and 1 part white rum. We also soaked some dried cherries in the Luxardo for a quick spell, making a fragrant and tasty addition. Click here for full recipe.

The final touch, our new mason jar mugs, a rustic take away from my friend Emily's oh so gorgeous wedding this fall.  Now if I could just rustle up some paper umbrellas!

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