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Spring Shape/Shake Up: The Ripe Stuff Cleanse

If you follow me on twitter, you may have noticed a few things.

First, my tweets can be sporadic. I don't feel the need to share unless there is something I am excited about. Second, I have been tweeting about this new cleanse I found, The Ripe Stuff, which was clearly something I felt worth sharing.

I was introduced to The Ripe Stuff in a round about way, via some friends who had tried it and highly recommended it. When it came time to do my spring cleanse (I like to do them seasonally to 'right' my dietary wrongs and set me on a more healthy track) I decided to shake things up a bit and try someone local, rather than my usual Blueprint. Did I mention that The Ripe Stuff cleanse is also a fraction of the price of Blueprint? I know a cleanse may not be right for everyone, but they always do right by me, with the added benefit of dropping some bloat. As if you needed any additional incentive to shape up for this gorgeous weather!

Not only did I have a wonderful, and tasty, experience with the cleanse but I had a chance to meet the new company's founder, Rebecca. She is local, smart, and clearly knows her stuff when it comes to the fruits and the veggies. I bought her corporate 3 day cleanse to test the waters and walked away a complete convert. The cleanse left me energized and ready to kick off my shape up. Prepare yourself, I plan to deviate a little bit with my recipes from my standard heavier, butter laden dishes and caloric cocktails for a healthy spring sojourn!

Post cleanse, Rebecca was kind enough to share a few recipes with me, touting the wondrous benefits of our leafy green friend kale. I love me some kale, but as an addition to a smoothie? Not something that crossed my mind. Again, I am glad I tried something new though, change is good.

Rebecca, on the topic of kale:

Naturally high in Vitamins A, C and K, kale supports healthy bones and
a healthy immune system.  In addition, it helps to lower cholesterol
and blood pressure. Most importantly, kale contains a substance called
ITC (an anti-cancer compound) that prevents the development of H.
pylori, a bacterium that leads to gastric cancer.  That, combined with
a high sulfur content, are essential in aiding the body in the
detoxification process.

I was so taken with Rebecca and her cleanse that I talked her into a discount, to share with readers. Check out her site (here), and enter code: monpetit for 10% off your purchase.

I am also very excited to announce that The Ripe Stuff has come on board as a sponsor (local, independently tested by moi, and highly recommended!). Welcome!

Finally, post cleanse, Rebecca provided me with a smoothie recipe, to ease into solid foods.  I not only tried her recipe, delicious photos above, I then made a few modifications the next day for a different take. In berry smoothie #2, I opted for almond milk in place of the coconut water, omitted the kale, and added some soy based protein powder. It's great post workout for an energy boost.

Husband even test drove both recipes and highly approved. Enjoy!

Serves 2:

1 tsp Cocoa
1 tbsp Ground Flax
1 C Coconut Water
1 C Frozen Berries
4 Leaves Kale (pulled off the stalk)
1 Frozen Banana
Put everything in the blender, blend!  Drink immediately.

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