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In Honor of the Superbowl, a Referee Inspired Outfit

Above: AG Stevie polka dot cord, Stuart Weitzman boots, Longchamp Balzane (c/o), H&M top, BB Dakota blazer via Mint Julep, Celine sunglasses, J Crew & Hermes bracelets


This Manti Te'o story just boggles the mind. It's the ultimate catfish, urban legend, coming of age tale to scare anyone off the internets. 


I feel for the guy, he is either the victim of a terribly cruel prank, or a complete and utter socio path. I am inclined to think he is a victim since the story is just so outlandish, it almost has to be true.


He is living this out on a national stage though, the kind of embarassment and glaring spotlight few people would want or could handle. Puts my incident of mass emailing JT's d*ck in a box SNL skit to my management team into perspective. I think I can now officially look back and enjoy a good laugh at myself over that kurfuffle (word of the day thanks to Ms. Savannah Guthrie).


Time to bring it home- while I don't think this is my best outfit, it seemed fun at the time. Now I look at it and wonder what on earth inspired me to step out of the house that day. It's not really that bad I suppose, but an example of something that made sense at the time, but in retrospect, seems questionable.


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