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Chinese Five Spice & Sriracha Deviled Eggs


Some of the best recipes are born of tragedy.

As was the case with my Chinese Five Spice & Sriracha Deviled Eggs. I looked up this recipe by Joanne Chang for inspiration. I made a mental note of the ingredients and servings and went to work. Flaunting cooking 101, mind the recipe.

So, a dozen eggs later and a lot of soy sauce, I had a deviled soup on my hands. Which led to a google of how to fix watery deviled eggs. The obvious solution, cook more eggs. Which I did. The not so obvious, add some finely chopped egg whites to the mix. Done and done.

The result was delicious. Utlizing the ingredients from a recipe in a way they weren't meant to be used, to a delicious end. 



10 hard boiled eggs

Chinese 5 spice powder (to dust on top)

sriracha (for topping, and 1/2 tsp for filling)

mayo (1/4 cup)

green onion (1/4 cup)

cilantro (chopped for top)

soy sauce (1 tablespoon- put in slowly!)

fresh grated ginger (1 tsp)

honey (1/2 tsp)



Peel eggs, and cut in half to separate white from yolk. Place yolks in a bowl with mayo, green onion, ginger and sriracha. Add honey and soy sauce to taste, making sure the mixture remains thick.

Fill whites with deviled filling. Top with chopped cilantro, dust with Chinese 5 spice powder, and add sriracha to taste on top.


I served with the ginger bubbly cocktails I posted last week, as a nibbly before a feast of Chinese take out. Semi-home made entertaining at its finest!

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