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Sweet & Savory Scones

 photo IMG_6688_zpsd58cf292copy_zps8bb00474.jpg


I love the zesty, savory, flavor profiles of ginger with....just about anything. Soda, cocktails, syrup, candies, all of the above. In this particular recipe and case, ginger is combined with cherries for a delightful scone.

I loosely followed this Bon Appetit recipe (here). Substituted dried cherries for frozen, white flour for rye (I mean, who has this on hand? Does anyone know what this is?), and added a few tablespoons of cold diced butter when kneading the dough, because that is just classic crumbly scone right there. So yeah, I was a little liberal with my changes, which can be risqué when baking, but the final verdict was still delicious.

Served warm with butter and jam, husband and I were eating these for days. Stick to your ribs, hearty AM breakfast for a cold and dreary winter, just what the doctor ordered. Until spring saves us all.

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