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Friday Cocktail Series: Cranberry Mezcal-Rita Recipe


Born out of leftover cranberries from Thanksgiving, this recipe has seen me through the winter and then some. The smoky layers of Mezcal combined with the sweet tart cranberry and lime? Heaven.


Have you tied Mezcal? Hubs thinks, oh, same diff as tequila. Wrong. Oh so wrong. It is tequila's smokey, exotic cousin. Earthy, crisp, it smacks you in the back of the throat with flavor that keeps you coming back for more.


The cranberry simple syrup is a little more involved than my usual fare, but worth it. And hey, make a big batch and bring some to friends while you watch the game this weekend. Now you know our plans;)



Cranberry Mezcal-Rita


Makes 2




6 oz Mezcal
3 oz cranberry simple syrup (I like this recipe)
3-4 oz fresh lime juice* may need to adjust depending on limes, we usually do about two juicy limes
1 1/2 oz Grand Marnier (optional




Pour all into a shaker, shake her up, and pour over ice. Garnish with cranberries. 


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