Boho Tot Heaven: Scotch Shrunk & Scotch R'Belle Amsterdam Couture 

Images: Scoth & Soda 




Flip Flops

Embroidered Vest


Shoulder Top


Images: Scoth & Soda 


Worker Chino Short

Beaded Necklace

Chunky Cardigan

Worked Out Polo

My geiger for cool kids clothes? Would I wear them? I mean, right now, as an adult? If not, they likely don't find room in my child's closet. These cool brands are out there. Promise. And I promise to highlight more of them here.

I was amped to discover this Amsterdam based brand sold online through their site and ships to the US. I first discovered them while in Tribeca last year, in the children's shop My Little Sunshine (what my imaginary children's boutique is stocked with & looks like). Now, don't get all worked up over the pricing. Stuff ain't cheap. But here's what you do- you go to the brand's site, say like last week, when I happened upon the sale, and buy everything on end of season clearance. Spam is not your friend, but newsletters from cool brands like these, are. Shop off season and a size up. Your child will thank you (and this is what I often do with investment pieces for a tot). You'd be surprised how much wear they get out of something when you buy a size and season up. 

The sale collections were AMAZING. I'm sorry to say I waited to long to post and they are already off site. I was able to score items for D for next year at 75% off retail. When she understands bargain shopping more, she will respect.

In the mean time, some cool gear from the current collections. Which I'll be watching and waiting for.


Denim on Denim + Boston Weekly

Above: J Crew denim shirt, Ace & Jig cardi in Raffia via Covet + Lou, Citizens of Humanity Emerson slim boyfriend jeansYSL boots, Target fringe purse (crushing on this fringe PS1)



Who: As in, who am I listening to.

Bahamas, All the Time AKA Afie Jurvanen, part of the Jack Johnson clan of musicians, not from Bahamas, but definitely master of a cool tune. Yes, yes, from that James Franco commercial. All the same, my ears perk up every time they hear it.

What: As in, what went down this week/end. 

Cooked up some piggy buns. Yup, you just read that correctly. Check out this Instagram shot for all the glory. I love a good pinterest challenge and this was a fun and delicious one to complete. 

Speaking of buns in the oven (hah, that worked out a little too well!), and winter wardrobe blahs aside, I have another reason to be stingy with the outfit might be able to discern just the slightest hint of a baby bump under my denim button down. Already popped and struggling to squeeze myself into pre-baby clothes. They claimed it was true with #2 and is it ever. We are over the moon. Exhausted, but totally over the moon. 

Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about. 

Follain teams up with beachy-keen Calypso, this Wednesday March 18th (4-7PM), to celebrate the first day of spring. Think spring fashion and Follain best sellers, all in one spot. 

Peep the chic sandal campaign from the equally fabulous sibling of local social maven Erica Corsano. Jump in with kickstarter and secure your pair of SOAK sandals now. Because summer is coming. Full details here:

Time for a closet clean out for a cause. Fashion Project and Simon Malls are teaming up March 16-30th. Copley shoppers can pick up a donation bag at guest services. Return said bag with at least five qualifying items for a $20 Simon gift card. No limit on gift cards, as long as your qualifying items can keep pace. More details here:

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Lani Loves: Stella McCartney Super Hero Bag


Stella McCartney Super Hero Crossbody


What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.


Okay, this may be something you file under the slightly ridiculous. But it has been burning up my internets since I first saw it. It's evening wear that is punchy. Funny. Loud. It says, I don't take my purse too seriously. But it is seriously cool. 

It comes in a clutch, cross body, wallet, and tote form. I really just can't decide which style makes the most sense. Okay, let's be real, none of them make any sense but they sure are a lot of fun.


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