Post Baby Fitness with Alloy


Post baby body is tough. Unless you are one of those amazing people who bounces back two days after giving birth to life and claim it was all due to breast feeding. If that is you, stop reading. And I hate you.

If you have to work hard to shed those baby pounds (in my case 40+ with his lordship Niko), then I am happy to share part of my work out cocktail. Here it is: I work out a lot. And I still have pounds to shed. I also eat a lot. And refuse to give up chocolate or wine. So there's that. I also sleep a lot. Like, in bed by 9 on a school night in order to make up zzz's lost to feedings and all those charming wake ups when my kiddos swear they want to see me because they are hungry or miss me ay 3AM.  When I'm not sleeping, eating chocolate or drinking wine, I try to eat sensibly. Think, a lot of protein and non processed food with essential cheat days. But the most important part of this equation is working out. I feel energized, healthful, and even though the scale still has some creeping to do I'm in most of my pre-baby clothes. Most of this is common sense. Finding the time to practice common sense with two kids, now that is the secret sauce.

My quest for daily fitness and a taste of that elusive secret sauce led me to the ladies of Alloy Fitness in Norwell. Full disclosure, my a$$ kicking trainer Liz is one of the instructors. Nineties rap is her jam and let me tell you, she will push you beyond. BEYOND. So I knew that same a$$ kicking ethos had to be a cornerstone of Alloy. In fact, you'll find it upon the stairs as you walk in.

Alloy's lady boss Tina Morin is a boss on many levels. A dog lover, lover of work outs, working out with dogs, and connoisseur of wine and chocolate. See how I did that, it all comes back to wine and chocolate....and if you know that, you know the keys to a life well lived. 

I picked Tina's brain on all things Alloy, below. Now read, go forth and try the IronRyde and IronOar classes. You won't be dissapointed. If you're a House of Cards geek like myself, you'll also be pleased as punch to try out the water rower that Frank Underwood uses during your row/sweat/fitness.


Exact moment you realized you wanted to launch your own business?

I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and that came through in every job I had.  Prior to my adventures in the field of Exercise, I worked in Corporate America.  I worked in large corporations, small start-ups and everything in between and always found myself searching for more.  I have never been happy working for anyone else – I’m the definition of a Type A personality J - that became clear to me the longer I stayed in my cubicle life. I knew I had to make a change and decided to take the first step towards a new career by enrolling in an Exercise Science course at Quincy College. 

What I didn’t realize is how quickly my life would change after getting back into the classroom. My inspiration would come in the form of the professor of my first Exercise Physiology class. She worked as a physical therapy assistant, owned her own small gym and also was an adjunct at Quincy college. It took me by surprise that someone could actually DO all the things they wanted to do in life. This gave me a whole new perspective on my career. I remember coming home to my husband and telling him my Professor had the perfect life. I realized I could do the things I wanted to do and be in business for myself… the only thing getting in my way was me.  I quit my job 2 months later.


Hardest obstacle to opening your own space?

FINDING A SPACE!! You know what they say, “LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION.”  There seems to be dozens and dozens of vacant commercial real estate available EVERYWHERE but what no one tells you is that it is nearly impossible to sign a lease for a fitness studio! There are so many factors and details that go into finding a space that will work: zoning, noise levels, adjacent tenant agreements…blah blah blah…it took me almost 10 months to find a spot and I went to lease with 5 other locations that fell through before Alloy found its home in Norwell. 


Exercise you hate to do the most?

Mountain Climbers – they make me feel like I am going to yack! I would rather do 100 burpees…hmmm…maybe we will do 100 burpees next class…J


Exercise that will have the greatest impact in the smallest amount of time?

In order for something to have impact, it needs to be done consistently. In order to be consistent, you need to have access to it which is why I love pushups! Pushups work your chest, back, arms and abs all at the same time. They are truly a total body workout that you can do anywhere at any time. To be clear, I am not talking “on your knees, bending your elbows one inch”-type of pushups. I am talking getting your chest all the way to the floor and all the way up, firing up your upper back, lats and abs every time. 

If you can’t do a push up, they’re easy to build up. Lower yourself down to the floor with control, come all the way down until your belly reaches the floor, then push yourself up. The first few times you’ll probably flop around like a dead fish but you will be training the muscles that need to be engaged. Start with 10, then do 20 and pretty soon you will be banging them out and your whole upper body with change (and you can bust them out at parties and look cool).  Once you can do 10 pushups with good form, a lot of exercises become easier in the gym.  This boosts confidence and serves as a stepping stone for greater goals.


Mother's Day Myself. A Luxe Gift Guide for Moms

Check out Mother's Day Gifts to Myself

by Noelani at Mode


What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than an indulgent gift for the hardest working mother you know? YOURSELF.  Cause if you don't treat yourself, no one else will.

This is my chance to make sure I am properly recognized for all the sleepless nights, poop explosions, loads of laundry, and the endless meal prep that I do week to week, month to month, and year to year. But seriously, who knows what you want better than yourself?

I suggest you drop a similar list, tailored to your own needs, on your husband. Or just do the shopping and thank him later.


Mom & Daughter Matinee at the Boston Ballet's Kaleidoscope

Above: Rachel Comey Rhoads jumpsuit, H&M coat, Club Monaco turtleneck, Miu Miu flats (old), Free People clutch On Sadphne: Tea dress, H&M tshirt, H&M flats


Daphne loves ballet. Loves taking ballet. Loves watching it on Utube. Loves watching Katerina Kitty on Daniel Tiger when she does ballet. You get the general idea. Girl likes ballet.

So when I heard about Kaleidoscope at Boston Ballet, I thought....self, this might be an amazing chance to get our prima ballerina to an actual BALLET. 

The ballet is a Kaleidoscope in name since it is a fusion of three works: Kammermusik No. 2 by George Balanchine, The Vertiginous Thrill of Exactitude by William Forsythe, and Léonide Massine’s Gaîté Parisienne. Basically a little bit of everything, from the simply sublime to raucous can-can. 

Now, let's talk about the day itself. Daphne fretted about her outfit for hours, deciding to wear a ballerina-like tulle skirt and sweater. Which she put on early, got sick of, and stripped off about 30 minutes before departure. Instead, she chose to wear a breezy embroidered maxi from last summer. In the totally maddening way that toddlers do. We attempted to coax her. Cajoal her. Really, just get her into anything weather appropriate as it was a very chilly day, to no avail. As you can see from the pictures....I even brought out chocolate Easter eggs as blatant bribery.  She is holding them in her hand and eating them in EVERY SINGLE SHOT we attempted to take and document this fun mother daughter outing. Once we opened pandora's Easter basket there was simply no going back. And no way to get a picture without an egg in her mouth.

I dare you not to smile over her "cheese" face. Every kiddo has one, once they hit a certain age. Daphne's is more like a grimace of pain. But totally adorable at the same time. 

All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better day. Or more hilarious pictures to look back on. Do we have a future as a mother-daughter blog duo? I think not. Should you take your little ballerinas in training to a performance at Boston Ballet? Most definitely. They have boosters for seats, plenty of intermissions, snack galore, wine for the rents, and of course a case stocked with tutus and wands of every shape, size and color. In retrospect, I should have waited to buy her wand until we left. The people sitting behind us may have appreciated the performance a bit more without a magical pixie waving her wand through out. Oh well. Next time.