Lavender Bees Knees

Cocktail du jour.

If you take anything away from reading my blog, take this. It is easy. And AMAZING. Yes, deserves all caps my friends. This cocktail single handedly made me remember my love for gin. Which was quite strong in the college/immediate post college years, if memory serves.

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Above: Clover Canyon maxi, H&M blazer, Warby Parker sunglasses, Hall in Cherryblossom (c/o), Proenza Schouler PS1, YSL wedge


Probably a little early for a silk maxi, but I have a raging case of spring fever. I wore this out last week to the BCRF benefit at Saks, with none other than fellow Tufts alum Reed Krakoff in the house. Great of him to come out and support the cause, along with his mom (so sweet!).

Hubs abandoned us for a man's weekend. I confess, I was a little nervous going three days on my own with Daphne for the first time, but we both emerged unscathed. And mom is a little more confident in her mommy-skills. 

While hubs is away, the mice will play. Daphne and I each got a new swimsuit for the summer at J Crew. Mom and babe mix and match Liberty prints. Now, bring on the beach!


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Chipotle Black Bean Soup & Jalapeno Cornbread


Healthy, quick, delicious, repeat. And repeat I have. This recipe has seen quite a bit of action this cold spring.

Most recently at my moms group get together. Yes, I have gone totally suburbia and I am in a moms group. Good for mom, baby, and most of all, good for belly- you should see the feasts!

I like to really kick up the heat in both the bean soup and the corn bread, but you can easily scale it back to make it a crowd pleaser. Let's just call a spade a spade and come out with it, the cornbread.....AMAZING. Cornbread recipes usually leave me sad with a dry, bland flavor, that crumbles in your mouth. Not this version, which is dense and full of flavor- a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy. It also makes enough for two loaves, freeze one, eat one. Or make one spicy, one mild. Win/win.

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Above: Zara jacket, ATM t-shirt via The Tannery, YSL boots, AG Stevie cuffed jeans, Hermes Constance, Anthropologie fringe necklace


I apologize for the dreary New England weather in these shots. Utterly unavoidable. I have some beautiful new sunglasses I am just dying to wear, and nary a ray of sun to be seen.

Visited friends from home for a baby shower this weekend. Lots of soulcycle under the belt, two classes in one week, what?! Wegmans liquor and wine opened next door to soulcycle (kind of defeating the point), but they have an amazing selection, which my husband immediately geeked out, over. Imagine when the supermarket itself actually opens?

I wore this out to the BHLDN show at Anthropologie last week. The new space is stunning......and the gowns? My goodness, makes me wish for a vow renewal or something. Though I would settle for a weekend escape baby free at this point. And yes, that itself would be worthy of a cute white frock and a bottle of champagne.


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Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know: Hannah Blount


Allow me to introduce Hannah Blount, jeweler and as the next installment in this series, clearly a woman you need to know.

Massachusetts born and bred, this talented crafts woman hails from Nantucket, calls Somerville home, and works out of her favourite adopted neighborhood, the South End. 

We spent a lovely afternoon together a few weeks ago in her studio space (where you can catch her at SOWA first Friday's monthly for open studios) chatting inspiration, life, gems, love, and tattoos, as one is oft to do with me.

Hannah is a wispy, graceful, blond, with a sweet tooth and a quiet intensity. Which is actually how I would describe her latest collection, Vanity, a little bit sweet, graceful and intense. Each and every item is one of a kind, hand crafted by her to make sure the setting and prong placement compliments her unique stones 'just so'. Perfect for spring? Moss aquamarine, an ever so slightly green-tinged take on the classic blue sparkler. New stones, fashioned in new ways, yet remaining true to her core organic, earthy, sophisticated roots. Each creation tells a story and her customers pick up on that, coming again and again.

When she is not slaving away over a work bench, soldering metal in charcoal, you will probably find her at Dali (delightful Indian fare in Davis Sq), pouring a drink in memoriam for the now shuttered La Verdad, at Beehive (she is looking for suggestions on a new go to Mexican restaurant), and curing any subsequent hangovers with the chocolate croissant from The Biscuit, or pistachio cookies from Area Four, both of which she buys in bulk.

Her studio is compact, full of fantastic light and covered in inspiration, floor to ceiling: the deco-like pattern for her next tattoo, slated to be a shared design with her sister; postcards from her friend and fellow artist at Paper Fashion; artwork from her studio neighbor; wooden flowers that are constantly in bloom. And beautifully tarnished spoons, nailed in a row, passed to her from her grandmother and rumored to have been created in a Colorado gold rush- each dipped in gold and topped with a gold nugget. 

Bigger and better things are in store for Hannah Blount in 2014. She is currently juggling orders that she can barely keep pace with, fleshing out and adding to current lines, and crafting new collections, all in the same breath.  Topping my list of items to check out? An art nouveau collection inspired by a local family and their gilded age home in Chicago, now known as the Driehaus Museum (to be sold in their museum store and online, later this year). Know that where ever her inspiration takes her this year, the end result will most certainly be stunning.

You can find Hannah's work online,, stop by her studio (SOWA First Fridays), or drop into Ore, at 80 Dartmouth St in the South End.


And last but not least, five questions with Mon Petit Chou Chou

What historical event would you have loved to have been part of? 

Hmmm... anytime during the roaring 20's. And then skip over the 30's, maybe just jump ahead to today.

What's your own definition of happiness? 

Knowing, accepting, and loving yourself. It's something I'm working on.

Currently on your night stand? 

An art nouveau jewelry book- so inspiring, and jewelry at its best in my humble opinion!

Favorite Christmas present you've ever received? 

Molly. I wanted that doll so bad... then I loved her, literally, to death.

Cats or dogs? 

Dogs, all the way. I can't wait to have one of my very own. I've always seen myself with a big, shaggy black poodle.


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