Bon Appetit: The New Classic French Cookbooks

Check out Bon Appetit: The New Classic French Cookbooks

by Noelani at Mode


From one of the all time greats, Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking, to a few new ones to round out your culinary library of French cuisine, we've got it all covered in this delicious round up.

A few up and coming chefs in Paris, a few with those Michelin stars, and a few who hopped overseas and documented it all.

Time to break out those whisks and preheat the oven!


Lani Loves: Jenni Kayne X Pottery Barn Diaper Bag


Jenni Kayne X Pottery Barn Diaper Bag


What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.



I would call this the "un" diaper bag....cause you have to look pretty close to realize what it secrets away inside. And that is the whole point, you want something that doesn't scream mom bag! That can double as a chic purse! That, goodness, maybe you even use again once baby has put away those nappies. 


Jenni Kayne's entire collection with Pottery Barn is just delicious. Check out all it's goodness.


More Lani Loves:


Charlotte Olympia Frida Clutch 


Five Independent Lines for Children You NEED to Know

Image: Oeuf NYC


Oh, Oeuf...built on a solid reputation for eco-friendly knits this homespun brand has been rapidly growing in recent years through on-point collabs with brands like J.Crew. These are investment items that will be passed down for years. Also a go-to spot for gifts.


Image: Covet + Lou


Sue Tsai's designs for Nico Nico combine organic cotton with stellar design and comfort—for mom and kid. Another brand I have test driven myself and gladly buy for my daughter (we picked up this dress months ago, already a summer staple).


Images: Mini-Rodini


New to the cult of Mini Rodini, Swedish purveyor of all things cool? Think organic, smart design (launched by illustrator Cassandra Rhodin in 2006), and ethical production. Prints that keep you coming back for more. Cooler than about 3/4 of the stuff in my own closet. And last but not least, collabs with the coolest of cool, Collette in Paris, and well, if you didn't get it by now, they are pretty cool.      



Image: Whistle & Flute


Unisex children's apparal with liberal doses of cool typography, modern design, and street style, thrown in for good measure. Designed by husband and wife duo, Ryan (graphic designer) and Miranda (designer and marketing expert), who have years of experince and a pretty keen eye between them. You had me at 'Je T'aime'.



Image: Ace & Jig


All of mom's favorite tops now in dress form for her mini-me. Ace & Jig is a homegrown line started by two friends (and moms) who know what we and our kiddos need. Lot's of print, color, and texture. Oh and comfort.