Pack it Up: Date Night Picnic Recipes and Contest 


Pack up a basket, chill some wine, and toss a blanket in the car. Cause it's time for a date night picnic. Even if it's only in the back yard;) This latest recipe round up is what I'd be packing if I owned this sweet basket! 

Thanks to Foodie, you now have a chance to win this tricked out picnic basket (above), valued at $350, from Williams Sonoma. 

Want in on a chance to win? Create a collection at Foodie using #picnicbasket as the collection title. Collect at least four recipes by August 21st and you'll be entered to win. For complete rules, please click here.

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CSA Cooking Totally Unplanned, Totally Delicious: Pollock w/Pesto & Fresh Pasta

When in doubt, I usually make pesto & pasta. It's a weeknight comfort food that happens a lot in our house. Mainly because I am always looking to use up all the basil we score in the farmshare (and it never stays fresh, even if I trim the edges and put it in water- any tips?).

The pesto and marinade for the fish change a little bit each time I make them. This particular version benefited from some swiss chard leaves in the pesto and some fresh garlic from the farmshare.

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What's In my Closet with BostInno

Chanel Boy bag, Miu Miu booties Print, print and more print. Miu Miu Sparrow Heels and Hermes Constance via Skinner Auctioneers


Ever wonder what the inner workings of a pals closet are like? Well, now's your chance to indulge the inner voyeur and peep BostInno's new series. 

These are just a few of the pics, head over to the feature here to see the entire kit and caboodle. 

Where do I shop? Covered. What do I want for fall? Covered. Some excerpts below.....


Where do you love to shop?

The internets are my personal shopper these days. I am able to quickly peruse everything from Net-a-Porter, to J. Crew, Covet + Lou (Tina Burgos local style-icon, killing it online!), and Zara without ever leaving the house and packing up baby gear. When I do get out with little D, I make sure to stop by my local favorites: Viola Lovely, Mint Julep, Ore, Forty Winks, Louis Boston, Flock, The Closet, and The Tannery. Elisha Daniels at Neiman Marcus always has her eye out for fabulous finds, and sends a weekly email stocked with great ideas. Skinner Auctioneers and Appraisers is a true Boston gem. They have everything from fine jewelry, to mid-century modern furniture, and couture gowns between the Marlborough and Boston galleries. And of course, TJ Maxx! Every day I’m wearing a mix of high and low fashion, Zara with Isabel Marant. It’s all good.

What up and coming trend pieces do you currently own or have your eye on?

This fall, I plan on focusing on more neutral pieces. Black and grey hide all manner of stains, and good thing, since my daughter throws food around the kitchen with reckless abandon. I also love the totally mom-friendly line Ace & Jig, which Tina Burgos/Covet + Lou introduced me to.

On the other end of the color spectrum, I’ll definitely still pick up some fun, bright prints. Jennifer Chun, a designer out of NYC (sold locally at Louis) has a solid line packed with gorgeous rose patterns and a fun midi-skirt with a matching jacket that are both at the top of my list. Maybe some leopard oxfords and patent penny loafers (Dieppa Restrepo is a great line they used to carry locally at Looc that I have always wanted to take for a spin), and of course one statement bag. Last but not least, Isabel Marant/Etoile are pretty much my go-to lines and her fall collection is full of all my investment items, grey and black basics, plaid and shearling- which is going to have a moment this season...........

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Lani Loves: H&M Newbury Street Boston Grand Re-Opening


What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.


Hear ye, hear ye. H&M's flagship locale in Boston, at 10 Newbury Street, is finally ready for a grand re-opening. Rejoice! 


This is major folks. Not only can you get some fast fashion on, but you can finally peruse their home line in person....though I have stalked it online for months. It's worth the peep - Boston will be one of only four locations in the US of A to carry the collection. You'll also be able to shop all the refreshed in-store boutiques: children's, maternity, men's, women's, all present, represented, and then some.


I'll be on the hunt for this printed maxi come Thursday. Cause I love it, clearly.

Grand opening takes place this Thursday, August 7th, from 10am-Noon (Newbury Street location only!). Other awesome deals, details, and chances to win below. 

  • To Celebrate the Re-Opening: H&M will offer the first 200 shoppers an H&M tee and Access to Fashion Pass, valued from $10 to $300.
  • Selfie to Win: The first fifteen customers in line to tweet / instagram a selfie with the hashtag #BostonLovesHMHome at @BosFashionista will win a free outfit and one free H&M Home item, as well as early access to the store the morning of the event*. 
  • Secret Password: Tell the cashier the secret password (BostonLovesHMHome) for 20% off one home item*
  • Global Garment Recycling: Help H&M kick off their global garment recycling program by donating unwanted pieces of clothing (from any brand) while in the store. Customers will receive a voucher for 15% off one item on their next purchase for each bag of donated clothing. Even better, customers who bring garments before the store opens at 10am will also have the chance to win H&M gift cards, valued between $50 and $100*. * Re-opening event on August 7th only - 100 Newbury Street location only


Recent Lani Loves:

Dieppa Restrepo

Delfina Delettrez


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PJ Dress and Slippers

Above: J Crew dress, Stubbs and Wootten shoes, Super glasses, Hermes Constance

Photos: Jessica Delaney Photography


What goes with pj's more than slippers? When it came to footwear with this dress, the choice was clear- some Stubbs and Wootton loafers.

The dress? Another pre-pregnancy purchase I am just getting back into, from way back J Crew (when I seemed more interested in their clothes that is- do they seem to be having a bit of identity crisis lately, or what?). The catalogues used to be fun. Now they are quickly heaped into recycling. What happened?

Speaking of J Crew, stop trying to claim you started the Birkenstock trend, cause you didn't. Also, stop trying to make Adidas soccer slippers a 'thing'. They won't be, or well, they shouldn't be in my humble opinion. Add to this list any trend I first experienced in high school or college. I mean geesh, next you'll be telling me mini backpacks and overalls are cool. Oh, wait. Hah! And with that, I am officially old, and may this post come back to haunt me if you see me wearing any of the aforementioned items. 

Drops microphone, leaves soapbox.


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