Summer Mixers to Elevate Your Cocktail Game


Check out Summer Mixers to Elevate Your Cocktail Game

by Noelani at


Bye-bye beer. So long boring bottle of wine. Kick those plain jane beverages to the curb.  Time to trade in your standard outdoor patio fare and trade up with some fresh summer mixers.

These drinks are anything but standard. They are turned up versions of those old favorites you're already bored with. Ever had a smoky cardamom cola? What about tepache? Maybe a shrub? Don't say I didn't try to keep you in the know! This is a sampling of the crazy-cool cocktails I'm mixing up right now, using CSA berries and anything fresh from the garden. 

Time to restock your bar, crank out some inspired syrups, and get a mixin.


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CSA Cooking Totally Unplanned, Totally Delicious: Green Garlic Tortilla Espanola w/Roasted Radish & Frisee


Tortilla Espanola, the tapa to my sangria. What is it though? Basically it's a frittata. With potatoes. The perfect bar food. Or quick week night meal.

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Lani Loves: In God We Trust Fuck Off


Let's keep this simple folks. I'm gonna get something up on the regular quick and dirty like, simply titled, Lani Loves.

It's what I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

Or sometimes both, as is the case with this sweet nothing by In God We Trust, on sale from Covet and Lou. I can't wait to wear it to a PTA meeting and really stir the pot.


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Everyday Maxi in Black Silk

Above: J Crew silk maxi, Erotokritos sandals, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos, Acne sunglasses


This black maxi from J Crew is as simple as they come. Generous cut, easily belted, beautiful silk, and flowy in all the spaces a new mom needs. I can tell it will be an everyday kind of fixture in my summer wardrobe. 

My new mom edit seems to be made up of these pieces. Lack of time to shop, dress or iron dictates lots of black, white, and simple cuts. I did splurge on some decidedly un-mom shoes over the weekend. Killer Tom Ford heels that are nonsensical and just too damn pretty not to buy. Now I just need a date night and a sitter.

This dress was perfect for an outing to the new Tom Ford counter at Saks Boston, followed by a quick drink out and pizza! pizza! at Mistral's bar. I have been channeling my inner bitter bitch with this gorgeous polish from Mr. Ford. Man knows his lacquers.

We were in for more hosting this weekend, taking in some world cup action and bbq'ing up these delicious Moroccan spiced lamb burgers. The beet and orange salsa is a revelation. I added some manchego and a cool lemony mint yogurt sauce to finish it up. If you need more bbq inspiration, check out this board devoted to all things grill and summer dining. 




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Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know: Marla Malcolm Beck, CEO of Blue Mercury


Welcome to 'Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know'. A semi regular series profiling women doing fantastically cool things, sharing cool ideas, inspiration, and looking pretty damn cool, doing it all. 

You know these women. They are not mythical creatures, they are real people, running life like a boss. The pal who has a retail site, a day job, travels to exotic locales, writes a blog, and plans parties on the side. Or the lawyer, who is designing a house, attending fashion shows, and launching a second career as a stylist......with twins riding shotgun. I swear, they exist. Here. In this very city, no less.

Maybe we just glean a few pearls of wisdom on how they manage the juggling, family, and day to day life. Perhaps one of them will be the catalyst, inspiring you to try that {insert your lifelong goal, new passion, or latest obsession here} you've always wanted to do. Or maybe you come away with a new trend to try for spring, simple as that. 

Saying Marla Malcolm Beck, CEO of Blue Mercury, is a busy woman would be an understatement. At the helm of one of the fastest growing luxury beauty retailers in the country (along with husband Barry), mother of three (ages 11, 9, and 7), beauty maven who eats, drinks and sleeps product (but not meat!), it was an honor to chat, pick her brain on all things glamour, and get the scoop on their latest opening here, at Chestnut Hill's The Street. 

If you're counting, that's their fifth Massachusetts location, the fiftieth in the country, and all in fifteen years since opening the first location in their hometown of Washington DC.  Carrying over 90 brands, the idea was born out of the hunt for her favorite lipstick.....driving to the Chestnut Hill Bendel's in search of MAC (then an emerging and hard to find brand- think pre-internet my friends, though, on an aside, a relative unknown did come to explain the 'internet' during her final year of grad school, ahem Mr. Jeff Bezos).  With her latest store it seems she has come full circle, from Harvard Business School where she studied locally, back to Chestnut Hill, providing a go-to destination for women like her, on the hunt for great skin care, spa services, cosmetics and gifts.

As if running a beauty empire were not enough, the self professed product junkie took to the lab, and founded her own line, M-61, launching in 2011 after 5 years of research and refining. The line takes a holistic approach, using natural products that deliver technical results. The proof is in the pudding if demand for the Power Glow Peel is an indicator. Their top seller, it's a one minute power peel for busy moms like us (pictured above, and likewise, MPCC tested and approved, a little glycolic cures a host of ills in my experience!).

What does one discuss in a Blue Mercury? Summer beauty routine of course. My burning wear or not to wear foundation in the summer? Beck's routine changes through out the year. Her bread and butter is the NARS tinted moisturizer, which she swaps out for Trish McEvoy BB cream with SPF 35 in the summer months, reserving Skinceuticals SPF 50 Fusion Sun block (with a hint of color) for the hottest days, when you don't want to be weighed down. 

The retailer tests new products, relies on its faithful firsts (NARS and Bumble and Bumble have been there for 15 years- Blue Mercury being the first non-salon to carry the line), and carries what the customer wants. When beauty titan Sephora took a strong stance on Fekkai haircare (banning the line because they opted to allow drugstores to carry the products), Blue Mercury stayed the course, deciding to keep things easy for the customer who needs one stop shopping. They carry what they consider the best in each category, period.

When you've dished all you can on beauty, naturally one turns to food and fashion. Where does the DC native dine while in Boston? Answer, La Voile on Newbury. Authentic French fare. She recommends the branzino, btw. We were kindred camouflage spirits that day, her wearing a wonderfully understated camo blazer (with leather leggings and studded heels), and me toting the Prada camo purse (AKA luggage that doubles as a work/baby bag). Beck is a fan of vintage and consignment retailers and promised to hunt the bag down online, though had time permitted she might stop into Second Time Around on Newbury! Another must stop in town, the MFA, where she catches up with some of her favorite early American artists. Impossible to find fault here.....or with the camouflage blazer and Valentino heels she was wearing for the interview!

You can shop Blue Mercury online, at their newest store in Chestnut Hill, and follow Marla's Beauty Blog for more.


Five Questions with MPCC. Rapid fire and irreverent.

What TV show do you need to watch every week?

Downtown Abbey when it's on!

Chocolate or vanilla?


Favourite scent?

Acqua de Parma 

Best Halloween costume?

Wonder Woman

Power Lipstick?

NARS Fast Ride



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