To the Last

Above: Zara top (love this leopard Equipment button down), Mother Jeans, J Crew peacoat, YSL boots, vintage Louis Vuitton Sac Plat via Skinner Auctioneers


Busy weekend, full of outings, delicious food, old friends and interesting new people.

Husband and I ventured out with some new friends to Sportello and Row 34. Bolognese (my achilles heel!) and red wine, a lot of red wine, made for a slow morning.....and missed yoga class. A trip to NH led to some lunchtime feasting with old friends. And then a huge Greek feast with the inlaws, who came back from FLA in time for spring. 

Had some fun window shopping the Skinner fine jewelry preview in advance of Tuesday's sale. My engagement ring met with a chip and we went onward in search of some new sparkly ideas. I could easily kill an entire day trying on jewelry. 

And last but certainly not least, I took in the Rodarte lecture at the Mfa. The sisters Mulleavy were charming, insightful, and California cool to the max. The process behind each collection and dress is just astounding. The creative energy was palpable. I left wanting to craft, sew, paint, and alas, all I did the rest of the weekend was eat. I am keeping the ticket on my desk as a dig out my paints and ancient sewing machine. Light a fire under my crafty a*s!


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Sweet Potato & Gold Beet Hash with Fried Eggs


This egg dish is usually being served up on a Sunday around brunch time in our house. It has many different forms. Sometimes there is no hash, sometimes it's an omelette with take out left overs from the night before. Sometimes it is an omelette with french fries- something my husband introduced me to. Mainly, it contains a hash of leftover roasted veggies, topped with some sriracha.

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Style at my Door

Above: Kiki photobomb! Seven Jeans/Modern Straight (c/o The Blues Jean Bar), Benjamin Jay Erin t-shirt via The Blues Jean Bar, Isabel Marant boots, Jerome Dreyus bag, Super sunglasses, Rag & Bone scarf, Zara jacket


I have never been one to really 'need' help shopping. Indecisive, no. Scared to of print? Not me. 

Shopping as a new mom has however, presented some challenges. Like, dressing a body that is completely different [have my abs grown back together? will be hips ever be the same? inquiring minds want to know]. It's hard when you are looking for items for the right now, and 10 lbs from now when you shed all the baby weight. And of course, the million dollar to find the time to even shop with baby in tow. It's a miracle I make it out of the house, much less to a store to try on jeans.

So when The Blues Jean Bar approached me about their BJB Express program, I lept at the chance to try some new denim within the comfort of my bedroom mirror- and you know your own mirror does not lie my friends!

After a few quick questions with a stylist, a box laden with spring time fashion and goodness arrived on my doorstep (four completely styled outfits, each wrapped in a bow). Plenty of merch to tempt me. I stayed true to my objective of less is more/shopping for wardrobe building blocks, selecting a pair of comfortable jeans that fit oh so well and a plain white t-shirt. These are the cornerstone of every great look after all. Kept what I wanted, returned what I didn't. No shipping to pay for. No rush. Maybe a little too easy, all in all.

And behold, the items in action this weekend. 

Seriously, new mom pals out there, and anyone crunched for time, you may want to think twice about something like this. I'll be doing it at least once a year, but options range from quarterly all the way up to monthly shipments. If you want to give it a shot, tell them you read about it on MPCC and save 20% off your first box. 


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{hub} Links: Shop Local


I'm loving the latest {hub} Links on local shopping, a round up I can get behind. Be sure to check out all these local sites and even better, the local spots to shop. 

Have a great weekend!




This week, we collaborated with local startup Boutikey (a community for discovering the latest fashion trends at local boutiques) on a roundup of posts covering local boutiques and shops. Boutikey's founder, Tiana Haraguchi, carefully selected her top 10 posts and will be rewarding the featured bloggers with a special prize. If you haven't had a chance to check out Boutikey yet, we highly recommend it!

Show these blogs some love:

  •  Everyone needs a little bit of Lilly in their wardrobe. Shell Chic'd colorfully tells us how the clothes, the story, and the brand of Lilly Pulitzer... is everything!

  • Want unforgettable lips? Boston Mints is your answer. With 12 iconic shades with Boston character, you will surely find one that you can't live without!

  • Wear it two ways! "A little pretty, a little reckless." Style this amazing ruffled black maxi skirt with a little bit of edge or make it girly and fab!  

  • Walk through a virtual Pinterest board known as the Local Love Market at BCAE. No girl can resist such beautiful displays of flowers, jewelry, gifts, and art!

  •  The Tannery is a Boston fashionista's dream and has many locations all around the city. Mon Petit Chou Chou pays a visit and models her favorite pieces. 

  • Searching for delicious sweets and treats you don't have to feel guilty about? Learn about this North End chocolatier's healthier approach in confection making.

  • Who can turn down chocolate, especially when it looks pretty? Here are some fun and creative holiday entertaining ideas and display tips.

  • Mass Musings gives you a quick look into 3 wonderful local Boston fashion boutiques. Shop smart, shop small!

  • Eager to delve into an adventurous recipe but don't know where to get all the unique ingredients? You can find them at Joppa Fine Foods - a "food enthusiast's Disneyland."

  •  "One of my favorite things about this area is the high value Bostonians place on caffeine!" A local bakery and coffee shop to wake you up!

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Build a Better Bar Cart: Drink it! Spiked Cocoa with Maple Chipotle Marshmallows

 photo IMG_2967_zps4610ec0b.jpg


It's March, but still cold enough for one more hot cocktail (author grumbles as snowflakes fall out window). This recipe was born out of a chili post dinner visit to Steel & Rye and is my attempt at recreating it. 

Enter the spiked hot cocoa. Which is really just a vehicle for some home made maple chipotle marshmallows. Home made marshmallows really are such a thing. As a child these magical items were an every day occurrence, as an adult, something I usually passed up thinking, those can't be good for you? Well, they aren't terribly 'good' for you when home made (sorry), but they are a little less bad, right? Well, hell, throw some rum in the mix and now we have a party. Am I right?

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