Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita Recipe


This recipe creates a pitcher of blueberry deliciousness. But you can easily use the same ratios to make one or two at a time. 

This recipe also creates a pitcher of fun. Cause it's strong.

Why make it, though? Aren't margaritas from scratch a lot of work? Cause, I have yet to meet a host/hostess who objects to you bringing a pitcher of home made margs. It's our go-to "dish" to bring. 

I was inspired to whip this up when I received my first home delivery of tequila and champagne from Drizly. You read the correctly, a home delivery of booze and bubbles, at my door. Welcome Espolon tequila. I am happy to have you. 

And thank you for having me, Drizly. I am now a 'Top Shelf Blogger' at the site. Check them out!


Blueberry Pomegranate Margarita

Makes 1 Pitcher



1 bottle Espolon tequila (4 cups)

1.5 cups pomagranate blueberry juice

1 cup blueberry simple syrup (boil 1 cup blueberries with 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar until bursting; strain)

1.5 cups lime juice

1/2 cup orange liqueur (Grand Marnier)



Mix all ingredients in pitcher and stir. Drink. Enjoy.


*Drizly provided product for this post.


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Basements That Don't Suck

Check out Basements that Don't Suck

by Noelani at Mode


They get a bad rap......but just because it's under ground doesn't mean it has to suck.

I've rounded up some basement decor that is unique with tips we learned from doing our own basement over.

Thinking hardwood? Built-ins? Accent walls? Storage?  Whether it's a play space, tv space, adult wine tasting room, or all of the above, we've got you covered.


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Essentials for Airbnb Travel with Kids

Our G-Lite stroller in action.

Our Airbnb rental in Amsterdam.

We prepped ahead buying tickets in advance for the Rijks Musuem. 


Booking through AirBNB is the only way we'll travel with family (we've logged trips to Florida, Amsterdam, and Nantucket last year alone). Learn from our mistakes with these tips, tools, and products for safe and fun travel with your entire family.

First and foremost, if choices abound, look for houses that come pre-equipped with baby gear and communicate with the owner that you are traveling with kids. Confirm what they have on site. From gates, to cribs and highchairs, it is a world easier if you arrive to a spot with everything ready to go. If that isn't the case, opt for a light and easy to pack crib like the Lotus, from Guava Family.

It's kind of travel 101, but figure out what type of plug the country uses and stock up. Your phone chargers, the all important iPad, breast pump, or white noise machine will all need one. You can pack everything baby needs, but you'll need the right plug to make it run, or run the risk of burning it out.

What you gain in space, your own bedrooms and a full kitchen, you lose in staff. You'll need to do prep ahead of time or on site to research attractions, purchase tickets, book dinner reservations (looking for kid friendly spots is tough!) and get around. Our laptop or iPad is a MUST.

A light weight stroller is worth its weight in gold. You read that correctly. It is your best friend when days are packed with long walks site seeing, with little legs that tire easy and people who need naps on the go. We love our Uppa G-Lite for ease of travel and comfort for our daughter. When booking make sure to look for places with elevators, or easy access for strollers and all your gear. We just upgraded to the newly released G-Link double stroller, total game changer.

Is early check in available? Late departure? Can they be arranged? Is the place easy to find? Have VERY clear directions. Make sure you know when traveling with kids and tons of luggage what your options are. Otherwise, look for a spot you can store things (rail station? airport?) and make sure your luggage is lightweight, easy to use, and easy to see. 

Stock your phone in advance with apps relevant to your destination (subway, train, maps) and these amazing foreign phrase apps from Bravolol. You'll use them on the go endlessly. And they will save you from buying plastic bags when you really need baby wipes and can't translate Dutch *true story.

Will you be driving at your destination? Most car rental spots will allow you to rent a car seat for an additional fee and save you from lugging your own- be sure to check ahead. Some kids actually fly better in their familiar car seat, and if so, use this handy car seat tow to turn your car seat into an easy way to get your kid around the airport too. Our daughter loved this mode of transport.


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