CSA Cooking Totally Unplanned, Totally Delicious: Quick Asian Pickle


You probably all, hey, pickling season is over lady! And true, it pretty much is. But this recipe has practical applications right up through fall. And that is why I think I can get away with posting this recipe so late.

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Sweatshirts & Flirty Skirts

Above: Isabel Marant skirt (this season's Etoile chiffon skirt vs Topshop lace skirt), sweatshirt (Etoile Revolution sweatshirt vs J Crew studded sweatshirt), Crisi boots (vs J Crew biker boot), vintage Gucci purse


I confess, this outfit makes me think I may have an Isabel Marant obsession.

But it's just so damn easy to wear her stuff. Post baby, mom-dom, all easy to bear with her effortless clothes. I have been investing in her line, a piece at a time, usually from sale to sale, since leaving the professional workspace and transitioning from the abyss of profesh clothes.

A friend of mine said she was looking my way for ideas on how to dress with some semblance of style and looking to me and the site (THANK YOU!) now that she wasn't relying on J Crew suits for everyday gear. I'll have to put together some more inspiration along these lines, and outside of the Marant box, which is a terribly expensive one. Keep your eyes peeled for that Nic! 


Who: As in, who am I listening to. Haim, My Song 5. Heard it at the Saks X Boston Common fashion show last week and suddenly the entire Haim album is fresh again.

What: As in, what went down this week/end. Lots of cooking. The farmshare overfloweth. The first cobbler of the season, crisp apple and sour cherry (here's another recent version). Pickled the rest of my hot peppers with red onion (reminds me- I need to post on this! Will try to get it up this Friday), perfect for tacos later in the week. Bhaba Ghanoush. Fresh tomato sauce....with green tomatoes, delish! Pear & rosemary simple syrup. I'm full.

Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about. 

Boston Fashion Week runs October 5-11th. Full program details and dates here.

My personal can't miss? Luke Aaron's Spring/Summer 2015 presentation. Seriously, if you haven't peeped his stuff yet, do yourself a favor. Tickets by invite only-

Carla Fernandez at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. I can't imagine anything more divine than a runway in the garden. 2785156

Last but not least, the Emerging Trends Runway Show at the Boston Center for the Arts, October 11th: This year's designers include Jamie Johnson, Joyce Penas Pilarsky, Jungsu "J" Choi, Brigid Horlander, Anya Liesnik, Nuvu, Gate 26, Aussi Bella, Cocco Bella, and Taylor Lane Designs.

But that's enough about fashion.

Goya Order and Disorder opens at the MFA Boston October 12th. I'm sneaking a peep tonight. And pretty excited to see this master's work up close and personal. It's the art history geek in me bubbling to the surface. A pretty major exhibit. You can read up on Goya's Pop Culture Moment via the WSJ.

Ever wanted your own Antiques Roadshow moment? Get your own art appraised Tuesday October 7, from 1:30-4, at Skinner's Marlborough Gallery First Tuesday's event. First come, first serve. I'll be the one with the Picasso I picked up at a yard sale.

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Make Your Own Ricotta

Waste not, want not......clearly time to take to the kitchen and make some ricotta. It's quite simple really. And you'd be amazed all the ways you can put it to delicious use. Bruschetta, as prepped above. Topper for home made pizza. Substitute in a salad, with some heirloom tomatoes and roasted red pepper. Breakfast, with fresh fruit and honey. We got a whole lotta ricotta up in here.

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