Kid Friendly Beet Recipes: A Mode Recipe Round-up

Check out Kid Friendly Beet Recipes

by Noelani at Mode


Fall's seasonal bounty right now? Tasty tubers and root vegetables galore.

My weekly CSA has provided an installment of beets every Tuesday and it is up to me to come up with creative ways to serve to the family week after week.

These recipes are sure to be a hit with everyone, from my toddler, to my husband....and a delightful change from our standard roasted beet salad, which though I love, is in need of a change.


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Prickley Pear: Mezcal Cocktail Recipe


This cocktail makes the most of peak ingredients right now- citrus, the limes are incredible, and pears.

I love a good crisp pear, but I can only eat our CSA supply so fast. When the going gets soft (which I can't eat), we toss them into the blender with a bit of water and whir up some pear puree. Now, from here, you can use them to what ever end you desire. Think some bourbon and lemon on a chilly night. Maybe a bellini for weekend brunch. Or add in some mezcal and lime, as we did, and enjoy.


The Prickley Pear

Makes 2



2 parts mezcal

1/2 part honey simple syrup

2 parts pear puree

1/2 part orange liquer (triple sec/Grand Marnier, etc)

2 limes



Juice limes into a shaker with the remaining ingredients. Shake. A lot. Pour into two glasses and serve over ice with a wedge of lime.

*Can be made by the pitcher too for game days. I recommend this.


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Fall 2015 Trends & Shopping List: Punk Princess




Since my fall fashion commentary is rather late, I'll leave you will the trend I love for fall 2015, and that I am shopping right now.

I somehow need to sneak that lipstick crossbody into the house......

It's fun. It integrates with my current wardrobe. And it's easy to find. Channel your inner punk princess. I dare you.


Clockwise from top:

Etoile Plaid Jacket

NLST Jumpsuit

Zoe Karsson Kisses Sweats

R13 I Used to Be Punk T-shirt

Saint Laurent Lipstick Crossbody

Isabel Marant Vadim Skirt

Nike Leopard Print Suede Hightops

Silver Oxfords Forever 21


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