Hermes Decor on a Budget

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Paintings, prints, decor, antiques, fine art....they all get miiiiighty pricey. Am I right? And don't even get me started on Hermes bags and leather goods. I mean, a Birkin is the price of most compact cars.

So, when all is said and done with our basement renovation (which is a ways away my friends), we won't have a lot left to spend on fancy investment items for the walls. So, I did as any good lifestyle blogger does, and took to pinterest for some DIY-style inspo.


Top of my list? Framing some Hermes scarves. They are a great size, usually a standard 90x90 and thanks to consignment shops, auctions, and sites like the Real Real (where I scored mine), easier and easier to get second hand, for a fraction of the price new. 


The sister duo behind Hovey Design were the women who started it all for me. They had a lovely profile in the WSJ a few years back, complete with shots of their own space. Which is KILLER (link to the entire article here). What caught my eye? Well, besides the personal, antique filled space chock-a-block full of unique everything, taxidermy, and the like? It was the framed Hermes scarf over the fire place mantle. Mental image snapped, taken and stored. Fast forward to now, when I am going to actually attempt this myself. And when I say attempt myself, I mean take the scarf to a nice frame shop so they can hand sew the material onto a matte and frame it like the pro's that they are. 


Another fun DIY project? Make some oversize pillows from your scarves a la Kelly Bensimon, of Real Housewives fame. Sounds like another delicate project best left to my talented seamstress MIL.....


More framing and decor options? Why not use those fancy bags from your last shopping binge? Or ask that well heeled friend to save some bags for you. Or the ubiquitous orange box. I have seen lots of them come up at auction houses- empty, I repeat, even empty, they still have some street value. And look mighty fine on a bookshelf.


Don't be afraid to even use your purses, shoes, and other accessories as decor. An Hermes Constance as a book end?  Who knew? Love the iconic Hermes blanket but not the price? Check this baby version from Butterscoth Blankees at Saks.



You can also score an Hermes-inspired tray like this beauty from Hudson, in the South End. 




Image: Sequins and Stripes


Here is how I styled mine, below.



And last but not least, why not throw in some Hermes-inspired paint? It was the basis for my entire living room ceiling. I love Benjamin Moore Buttered Yam.


Image: Interiors Mon Petit Chou Chou aka my house by Tess Fine Photography


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Drink to 2015: A Champagne Cocktail Recipe Roundup & Bargain Buys for Mixin


I was about to throw together a new champagne cocktail for NYE festivities, when I realized I have quite a few in my arsenal, already posted.  Clearly, mama likes her bubbles.

Now, for mixing purposes, you don't want to anything fancy bubbly-wise, since you are just adding all kinds of delicious flavor into the mix with syrups, citrus, and booze. Stick with some cava, prosecco or cremant even, our delightful champagne kin from Spain, Burgundy and Italy. You'll be fine as long as you don't attempt to use some peach Andre here, folks (I know, cause I've tried;).


Here are some of my top picks for mixing purposes:

Roederer Estate Brut $16.99

Scharffenberger Brut Excellence $20.99

Trader Joes Blason de Bourgogne Rose $9.99

Mumm Brut Prestige $20.99

Friexente Cordon Negro Brut $12.99


Try mixing these tried and true recipes from my arsenal:

Champagne Bowler

Ginger Slipper

Rosemary Meyer Lemon French 75

Fall, in a Champagne Flute

Lavender Honey Simple Syrup

Summer Crush

Ginger Bubbly

Cider Champagne


For even more ideas, check out this guide to very fancy champagne cocktails from the WSJ.


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Lumberjack Plaid & Leopard Booties 

Above: Madewell highrise skinny jean, Zara plaid jacket (similar plaid from J Crew!), Joie Elvia lace top, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos tote, Acne sunglasses, Isabel Marant Etoile leopard booties



Who: As in, who am I listening to. Cigarette Daydreams, Cage the Elephant Angsty and delicious tune.

If you are interested in seeing all my pics, they are added each week to this spotify playlist. Listen away.


What: As in, what went down this week/end. Date nights, holiday parties, holiday shopping, basement renovation, birthdays, the usual. Poor Miss Daphne has a cold, so it made for a lot of sleepless nights. Oh and I made this brisket braised in porter over the weekend, which was nothing short of amazing. MAKE IT.

I also made my live TV debut on NECN today. Chatted with Ally Donnelly at NECN news about last minute deals and steals, where to shop in person and where to find them online. Managed not to curse on live TV (WIN) and didn't make a complete fool of myself. I'll have to share when I track down a link and prescreen for embarassing facial expressions and overuse of catch phrases.

Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about. 

It's Christmas folks! Get your shopping done and fill up on some nog;)


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