Fringe, Druzy & a Little Boozy + Weekly Boston Events

 Ran my first half marathon. Still in recovery mode. Nursing my sore muscles by indulging in lots of fried food. I prepared for the race by hitting a wine tasting on Friday and Saturday, because that's what one does before a big race, right? 

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Drink it! Late Fall Harvest Cocktail Recipe

I haven't built my first fire yet, but it's definitely getting to full fall.....finally. Cool temps at night call for a tasty tipple to warm the insides. 

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Lani Loves: Baby Winter Hats, Coats & Gloves


I tend towards gender neutral colors when shopping for Daphne. Not for any particular reason, more because it's how I dress myself. But beware, when the pink princess rears her it did with little D. Who dug out the one pair of neon pink shoes I own and started wearing them around the house. How do they know? How?


At any rate, my tip for fining fun unique items? Shop in both the boys AND girls sections. There are great finds across all gender lines for everyone. 


These are some of my top picks for this winter. I am hoping J Crew restocks on the puffers in Olive! Fingers crossed.




GAP Metallic Puffer

J Crew Baby Puffer



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