Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know: Brittney Rothweiler



Welcome to my latest brain child, or to paraphrase the poet Madonna, 'Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know'. A semi regular (as in, when I manage to pull myself together and wipe the spit-up off my clothes) series profiling women doing fantastically cool things, sharing cool ideas, inspiration, and looking pretty damn cool, doing it all. 

You know these women. They are not mythical creatures, they are real people, running life like a boss. The pal who has a retail site, a day job, travels to exotic locales, writes a blog, and plans parties on the side. Or the lawyer, who is designing a house, attending fashion shows, and launching a second career as a stylist......with twins riding shotgun. I swear, they exist. Here. In this very city, no less.

Maybe we just glean a few pearls of wisdom on how they manage the juggling act....career, family, and day to day life. Perhaps one of them will be the catalyst, inspiring you to try that {insert your lifelong goal, new passion, or latest obsession here} you've always wanted to do. Or maybe you come away with a new trend to try for spring, simple as that. 

Kicking off this series is my friend and one of the coolest of the cool, Brittney Rothweiler, buyer extraodinaire for the Tannery. Impossibly chic moto jacket, miles of blond hair, sky high heels and one of the most genuine ladies you will ever have the privilege to meet. Brands want to know her. Women want to dress like her. And I want to capture her style and joie de vivre in a quick session of chitter chatter.

We sat down between market weeks and fashion shows to talk spring trends, emerging labels, life at the Tannery, and her recipe for that insanely enviable wardrobe. 

Locally born, Brittney was lured back to Boston from NYC going on six years ago, when the Tannery launched their [then] new location in Cambridge, followed by the Boylston Street space, and needed a women's buyer.  She never expected to be in Boston long term, but blink, and six stylish years pass in a flash. NYC's loss is our gain. More specifically, Bay Village's gain, the neighborhood she calls home.

Place you need to check out in Bay Village? Mike and Patty's. The siren song of bacon wafting from this neighborhood haunt is too great for Ms. Rothweiler to resist. And nor should anyone, their breakfast and lunch fare is the stuff of legend (according to my husband too, another steadfast fan). Rothweiler's other top spots in the city include Good [on Charles Street in Beacon Hill] for gifts and jewelry, as well as Toro and Coppa for dining outside of her hood.

Breakfast of champions aside, how does she handle buying for the men's and women's collections, at both locations? Travel, travel, travel. The market is constantly changing, no longer limited to two seasons. There is resort, pre-fall, pre-spring, holiday, special collections, a never ending march of fashion for her to monitor. The Tannery is lucky to have a diverse customer base to cater to with all these seasons; college students, families, and tourists alike all find something here, beyond the footwear they are so well known for.

New in the queue for spring? Prepare yourself for a great line up of trunk shows and new brands. Think Mara Hoffman, Clover Canyon, BLK DNM, and Road to Awe (fresh out of LA, and a Boston exclusive). 

Most importantly, the question I was dying to have the answer to, what does the buyer shop and wear herself? In my humble opinion, Brittney has style down cold. The type of well edited basics you can rotate constantly, are trend averse, high on design, quality, and look incredible year after year. A new fave of Brittney's is Frame denim [think J Brand when they started out, amazing fit and wash, edited to a few pairs and cuts everyone needs], a constant fave is Rag & Bone, which both pair well with her IRO jackets and ATM t's. Your shopping list assembled? Of course, you can get all of these in one place, the Tannery. Stop in. And say hi to Brittney if you see her! You won't be sorry. 

Rounding out our fabulous afternoon, of course Five questions with Mon Petit Chou Chou. Rapid fire and irreverent:

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?

Catching a cat nap whenever and wherever I can.

Super power you'd like to have?

Teleporting - I wish I could be in a million places at once, I would get so much more done!

Last item of clothing you purchased?

A black Iro leather jacket that I've already worn too many times than I'd like to admit.

Three products you could never live without?

Black eye liner - I feel naked without it.

Bare Minerals bronzer - I've tried a ton and this is my go to, everyone looks better with a little but of color.

Kiehl's Vanilla & Cedar wood spray- it's a subtle and sexy scent, I usually have it on me at all times.

Top 3 songs played on your ipod?

"Happy" by Pharrell - the ultimate feel good song, instantly gets me dancing around.
"Feel it all around" by Washed Out - One of my favorite artists, you can listen to any CD front to back.
"It never entered my mind" by Miles Davis - I sometimes listen to jazz when I'm at the computer and need to concentrate and this is one of the most beautiful pieces.


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Lady Daphne's Baptism

Images: Severin Photography


So much fashion this week with NYFW and nary a visit to NYC or a second thought from me (well, aside from the fantastical Rodarte collection, featuring Star Wars imagery on gowns). My time is otherwise occupied with all things Daphne. Wouldn't have it any other way. 

We were fortunate to have a friend and talented photographer on loan from London for Daphne's baptism, Martini Severin {of Severin Photography and Beyond Boston Chic}. It was a special day and we are so lucky to have these lovely images.

Back to regularly scheduled fashion and food next week!


Baptism Decor & Inspiration

2. BHDLN Botony Vase
3. Anthropologie Horta Champagne Flute
4. Zara Home Table Cloth
5. Sarah Louise Booties
6. Sarah Louise Christening Gown and Hat
7. Montilio's Cake
9. Zara Home Flowers Tiered Tray

New Day, New Do

Above: Lindsey Thornburg cape, NSF jeans, GAP denim button-down, Jerome Dreyfuss tote (hardcore crush on this leopard version), Isabel Marant Crisi boot, Super sunglasses via Madewell


Treated myself to a few hours away from the house this weekend with a desperately needed hair appointment. Decided to just chop it and go for a new look. Channeling Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. I keep walking around the house stealing her dance moves. Hair worth dancing about?! To some Urge Overkill/Neil Diamond? Don't mind if I do. This is a movie that has stood up over time. I watched it the other day and was still into it, like when I was a highschooler watching it for the first time, having my mind blown. Reality Bites? Despite the Ethan Hawke hotn

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Valentine's, Done Local

Images: Hannah Blount / Sadie Dayton


Hannah Blount dropped an insanely gorgeous new collection, dubbed Vanity, just in time for your Valentine's Day needs. Show your special someone that you cared.... enough to eschew the chain store and seek out the unique and stunning.

You can check out her collection in person at open studios tonight.

First Friday of the Month (TONIGHT) from 5-9:00 PM - 450 Harrison Avenue - Studio 312

If your taste runs more to the confectionary, or the floral variety, check out the exceedingly well curated market from BCAE: Local Love. Running Sunday, February 9, from 10-2:00, you'll have a chance to pick up macarons from Cameo Macaron, Valentine's from posh + prep, floral arrangements from Pollen Floral and the reason I am going? Donuts, from Union Square Donuts (because a drive to the BCAE is oh so much easier than Union Square!). Check out the site for additional details and info on more of the amazing vendors (below):

  Pop & Circumstance // Cameo Macaron // Pollen Floral Design // Tres Gatos // Fiona Stoltz Textiles // Vessel Candle Co //Taza Chocolate // Olives & Grace // Bad Boy Bake Shop // posh + prep // Fawn // Deborah’s Kitchen
Fazenda Coffee Roasters // Every Little Moment Lifestyle + Events // Union Square Donuts //
adjewelry // Sarah Wormann Art // Evy Tea // Lillian’s Smokin’ Rack Barbecue // LLH Ceramics

Sunday, February 9  10:00 AM - 2:00 PM - BCAE: 122 Arlington Street Boston, MA 02116



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