Better Late Than Never: Marant Jeans

Photos: Jessica Delaney Photography


Above: Isabel Marant jeans from a WAY long time ago, Madewell top (similar model on sale), Proenza Schouler PS1, Erotokritos Ermis sandals


So yeah, I missed this Marant western trend by about 3 years. But hey, I got pregnant, had a baby, and just finally managed to squeeze my a*s into them. Which felt pretty damn good.

I may have even toasted the occasion with a glass of bubbly.

Still love the embroidery and crop. I know I'll wear these for summers to come. From the beach to the MFA, which happens to be where they last had a walk-about. 

Back from vacation and can't wait to share some of my Nantucket finds......and tan. Which is really more of a tan from my lulu tank top and our morning run with babe and stroller, c'est la vie, a tan is a tan.

Stay tuned for more!


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Lani Loves: Delfina Delettrez



What I am loving this week.

Or what I just bought.

More often than not, both.


I have yet to add any Delfina Delettrez to the jewelry box, but it is on my short list (FYI husband). Cause I am a sucker for anything with an evil eye. And this theme runs rampant in her work. This ring though, it takes the cake. 

Keep away the bad juju and look pretty cool at the same time? I'm sold.


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In God We Trust Fuck Off



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Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know: Tina Burgos of Covet + Lou


Welcome to 'Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know'. A semi regular series profiling women doing fantastically cool things, sharing cool ideas, inspiration, and looking pretty damn cool, doing it all. 

You know these women. They are not mythical creatures, they are real people, running life like a boss. The pal who has a retail site, a day job, travels to exotic locales, writes a blog, and plans parties on the side. Or the lawyer, who is designing a house, attending fashion shows, and launching a second career as a stylist......with twins riding shotgun. I swear, they exist. Here. In this very city, no less.

Maybe we just glean a few pearls of wisdom on how they manage the juggling, family, and day to day life. Perhaps one of them will be the catalyst, inspiring you to try that {insert your lifelong goal, new passion, or latest obsession here} you've always wanted to do. Or maybe you come away with a new trend to try for spring, simple as that.

If you have been in and around the fashion scene in Boston for any amount of time, chances are you have shopped with, heard of, or met Tina Burgos. I have admired her work for years and was lucky enough to be invited to her lovely home for the next installment of Who's That Girl? Women You Need to Know.

Not afraid of shaking up a PTA meeting with her style, she is the one wearing a floor length vintage gold maxi to the supermarket, or a sharply cut Objects Without Meaning jumpsuit to a parent teacher meeting. Androgynous with liberal doses of sexy, Burgos nonchalantly rocks a cool-girl/tomboy aesthetic with ease, though I would expect nothing less of a woman who runs a lifestyle brand showcasing indie and vintage finds, all while managing her household......and energetic twin daughters, Gemma and Riley. 

Burgos' career has taken a circuitous, albeit fashionable path, from Louis Boston, to Stel's, a brick and mortar space she co-owned for ten years on Newbury Street (which introduced me to APC, Alexander Wang and countless other brands before they were everywhere or anywhere else), as well as children's retail with Monkey and the Bug, and recently, at Karmaloop.  In her latest career iteration, Burgos is back again doing what she does so well, curating that endless stream of up and coming designers you want to know about now, with her current passion project Covet + Lou. 

Burgos is constantly looking for the new. Scouring blogs, independent magazines that support small labels, and of course blogs, for her discoveries. Brands on her list 'who get it' right now? First and foremost, Ace & Jig, two working moms designing from separate coasts, creating infinitely wearable pieces. They design for themselves and are clearly having success with that ethos. Hope, a line out of Sweden, made up of unisex basics. Burgos is quick to affirm that the Swedes, as a people just 'get it' (and I totally concur- think Acne, the entire Skarsgard clan of super models, you get the drift). Rounding out her list is Objects Without Meaning, a full line of delightful pieces, including denim, rompers, jumpsuits, t's, and generally fun items you can expect to see and hear a lot more about.

When pressed for Bostonians that 'get it', she was quick to name her friends. Lauren, a mainstay of the Barneys shoe department and a woman who layers things in a way that is all her own, never looking anything short of fantastic. Koren, a pal and employee of a local Boston hospital who simply 'gets it'. And of course, Liana Krupp, editor of the dearly departed New Brahmin and a woman who rocks sneakers like no other.

While Covet + Lou highlights new designers and collections, there is still something inherently New England about the site, a delightful dichotomy also apparent in Burgos herself, who names a Barbour jacket as the most prized item in her closet. The jacket was a gift from her husband, given when she was on mandated bed rest with the twins.  It is a New England classic she will wear constantly. A classic that she makes her own, styling it in a way that is anything but NE-stodgy.

Mom's style has clearly been inherited by those adorable twin girls, dressed in clothes I eye with envy- think labels like Nico Nico, Mini Rodini, ATSUYO ET AKiKO, all favorites from Monkey and the Bug, and hopeful additions to Covet + Lou.  Burgos is toying with the idea of a few selections for the smaller fashion-minded set-Daphne says pretty please!! She also hopes to playdate with this hip sister duo, who model after their mogul mom by running their own 'store' and helping her with daily packaging and shipments for the site. 

Where does the arbiter of cool shop when she needs gifts and wants to hit some brick and mortar spaces locally? You'll find her at Farm and Fable, picking up cook books for the chefs in her circle, Pod (which recently opened in Cambridge after years in Brookline Village), Viola Lovely, and Lekker. 

A self proclaimed beer and wine girl, Burgos isn't particular, but knows what she likes. Be it $50 bucks or $5. You might come across her sipping vino at some of her favorite haunts, Craigie on Main (when they can find parking in Cambridge), Pomodoro (the one in Brookline Village), Island Creek Oysters (though I convinced her to try Row 34 too!), and Billboard Cafe in Newton with the kids.

You can find Ms. Burgos, her thoughtful blog, which features its own questionnaire and curated shops from the likes of style editor at Lucky Mag, Laurel Pantin, along with her primo picks at Covet + Lou: an extension of her own style in all things home, clothing, and gifts. Be sure to check out a new way to shop Covet + shopping. Launched for her loyal client base, it's a return to all things customer service, something we need a little more of in the industry, right? No matter how you shop it, check out Burgos and her site, a woman I am happy to help you know a little more about.

Five Questions with MPCC. Rapid fire and irreverent.

Favorite cocktail?

I'm a strictly beer and wine kind of gal.

Perfect hangover food? 

Egg, cheese and sausage breakfast sandwich on a toasted English muffin with a side of Excedrin Migraine reliever.

Last item of clothing you purchased?

Caftan dress by Ace & Jig.

Top 5 songs played in your iTunes library?

Let It Go from the Frozen Soundtrack (let me be clear, that's for the twins)

Harlem River Blues: Justin Townes Earle

1901: Phoenix

Water Fountain: Tune-Yards

Anything and everything by the Grateful Dead

Kindle or hardcover?



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Nantucket Minded: Dressing, Events & Shopping

Above: Persifor Kilpatrick dress in Baja Sea Fan (c/o), J Crew western denim shirt and Malta mirrored sandals, Ray Ban sunglasses, purse, so old, who knows!


Been busy planning our first trip as a family of 5 (including our furry friends in the total count here). Hubs and I may be insane, or hopeless optimists, but why not brave Nantucket with Kiki and a baby? The more the merrier. Believe it or not, a Chihuahua is more high maintenance than an infant under age one, so we shipped Mr. Ty up to the farm in NH for a family get away of his own, with his brother Wiley.

What is it about the Cape and islands that makes you want to crack out on all things pastel, faded chino, and Lily? Who knows, but I am always game for some island dressing. I'll be wearing this dress from Persifor all week, thank you very much. No, seriously ALL WEEK, cause there was no room in our car between all the baby gear and a 120+ lb bullmastiff. I repeat, hopeless optimists.

Persifor has been rapidly expanding to include hats (the briland straw fedora is on my short list- wish I had seen it sooner!), and tunics in all forms of pretty print. I'll have these in my bag for our next beach trip. You chan shop the brand at In the Pink on Nantucket.

I had a chance to do some pre-vaca shopping at the new Neiman Marcus Last Call Studio, which freshly opened at Legacy Place last week (check my finds here on Instagram). I was tickled pink with the selection, tons of DVF and frankly, blown away with how cute the Man Repeller line is. Definitely worth a stop if you are out and about in the burbs. 

One last Nantucket shopping note, if you happen to be on the island, be sure to stop in the Ellie Kai trunk show at The White Elephant, running through 7/16, 9-6 daily. The brands delightful designer Liz Hostetter is in town showcasing their designs and previewing some to-die-for hand embroidered tunics set to debut next season. Be very excited for these. I am. More info on the custmizable line here.

Happy shopping! 


Build a Better Bar Cart: Drink it! Strawberry Peach & Basil Whiskey Smash


”strawberry Summer cocktail series: Strawberry peach & basil whiskey smash


This sweet and sassy cocktail gets a kick in the pants, and earthy under tones, from its starring component- basil! It's the secret ingredient that will keep people guessing. Mixed with summer time staples like strawberries and peaches you have one cool combo for hot summer days.

Easy to shake, stir + pour and essential for all your back yard get togethers.

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