Fall, Friends, Brunch Decor & St. Elder Cocktails


I rarely need an excuse to host a brunch, but I had a great one last weekend. Old friends moved back to town and St. Elder dropped a crate (seriously, a crate!!) of goodies off, with all the fixings for some serious cocktail fun. 

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Ode to the Penny Loafer: Street Style Edition

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Time to come clean, I'm having a full on, fall love affair with the penny loafer.

But really more like a full time kind of thing because I just love em, year round, through the years. Started back in grade school with my trips to Bass, when I was so beyond excited to get a new pair, and plop a shiny penny in the front. Now, the basics remain the same, with colorful, shiny, or two tone finishes.

I'll be back soon with some of my favorite pairs available now....... 


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Fringe, Druzy & a Little Boozy + Weekly Boston Events

 Ran my first half marathon. Still in recovery mode. Nursing my sore muscles by indulging in lots of fried food. I prepared for the race by hitting a wine tasting on Friday and Saturday, because that's what one does before a big race, right? 

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