Yes, Still Kicking

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Who: As in, who am I listening to.

Who has time for music?

Just kidding, the new Santigold is off the chain. It's 99 Cents. A reflection on mass consumption with innovative beats and lyrics from new mother Santi White. Can you really put a price on everything? 


What: As in, what went down this week/end. 

A day turned into a week, and then poof, a month had gone by in the blink of an eye. It has been a crazy time. Maybe some day I'll write a book about it. My family has grown in many ways. My kids have brought the plague into the house, though I have to admit, two rounds with a stomach bug is a fantastic way to lose the baby weight. And I questioned whether there was room in my life for writing a blog. 

The answer to that is yes, what form it takes in the months to come remains to be seen. Stay tuned.


Where: As in, where it's at. Launches, events, general goings on you need to know about.  

FGI Boston Professional Breakfast Panel, the Role of Representation. I'll be there. Had a sneak peek of some of the back stories from moderator Nash Yaccoub. You should be there for these alone. It promises to be a great breakfast full of amazing speakers. Buy your tickets here:


Techstyle opens March 6th at the MFA, Boston. Think garments off a 3D printer....and the fantastical digital designs of Mary Katrantzou and Alexander McQueen. There is a slew of exciting events and discussions around the exhibit. Be sure to catch them all.

Skinner Auctioneers hosts their Fine Jewelry auction March 22. Over 500 lots of of diamonds, gems, watches, and sparkly goods. I highly suggest you hit a preview to play dress up. It's some good, free fun.


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Best Alterna-Albums of 2015

Check out Best Alterna-Albums of 2015

by Noelani at Mode


A totally biased list of my favorites from 2015.

Why Alterna? That is where my ears usually lead me, with the addition of a few popish selections. From the dark and heavy, though beautiful work of Sufjan Stevens, to moody beats of The Arcs, and Ryan Adams riff on Taylor Swifts 1989, here's what I'm loving from the year.......

More honorable mentions? Kendrick Lamar, who's work is incredible but a bit heavy handed for me, Torres, who I am listening to as I type, and Bierut's No, No, No. 

What were your faves of the year?


Game Day Grub with Pantry


As an avid cook, I have been loathe to try all prepared food kits or services. I don't need someone to tell me how to prepare menus for a week and make a food list, this is common sense folks. Time consuming but not hard. I also don't need ingredients shipped to my door, I can go to the food store myself thank you very much, and plus, I hate committing to something in advance when I might have a sudden craving for something else. So when those companies came knocking, I didn't answer.

What did get my attention after all this time? A cool new concept that allows for on the spot choice, selection for the number of servings, wine and beer pairings, locally sourced ingredients, and a variety of meal options on site. A seriously cool new way to meal plan, food shop, and cook: Pantry, freshly opened in Brookline.

When I initially was asked to test drive the product, I admit, there was scepticism.....but after checking out the space and concept in person, I am happy to admit, I came away a convert. The meals are thoughtful, recipes for foodies and families, alike. The space is gorgeous, easy to navigate and shop, and the concept is simple: rather than shipping ingredients to your door, you stop in, whenever you'd like and 'shop' a complete dinner. The folks behind Pantry were even thoughtful enough to pair a wine and beer selection with each meal, now they totally had me there.

It's a one stop shop for dinner. There is no waste, no need to commit to something in advance, and it is full of healthful options with EASY directions. 

My plan? To cook enough for my family of four, for game day. Kind of a big deal around here. The meal had to be hearty and delicious enough to please two adults, and a toddler with a very discerning palette. It also had to be quick and easy enough to make on a week night, since game day fell on Monday eve. 

Maple Dijon sloppy joes and sweet potato flautas with cole slaw and jicama radish slaw were on the menu for the night. The results? Amazing. I love the recipe cards provided by Pantry, complete with step by step images and thoughtful tips- when I had a question, they had a note and answer. Seriously, who knew you could microwave a sweet potato for 10 minutes and be done? The recipes also got me out of my usual cooking comfort zone and had me slicing and dicing jicama, which is something I adore, but never prepare at home.

What was the verdict from husband and toddler, though? All voted game night dinner a delicious success. In fact, hubs requested we make sloppy joes on the regular and the veggie flautas kept the ardent meat eater quite pleased. Last but not least, the beer and wine? Excellent with the dishes. Excellent on their own, too. We enjoyed some Arrogant Bastard ale and a crisp Riesling from their recommended recipe pairing. It was an excellent game day indeed. 

My only regret? That Pantry isn't closer to me, out in the burbs. Be sure to stop in and check it out for all your dinner needs.


1622 Beacon Street

Brookline MA



*Pantry provided meal ingredients for this post.


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