In Honor of the Superbowl, a Referee Inspired Outfit

Above: AG Stevie polka dot cord, Stuart Weitzman boots, Longchamp Balzane (c/o), H&M top, BB Dakota blazer via Mint Julep, Celine sunglasses, J Crew & Hermes bracelets


This Manti Te'o story just boggles the mind. It's the ultimate catfish, urban legend, coming of age tale to scare anyone off the internets. 


I feel for the guy, he is either the victim of a terribly cruel prank, or a complete and utter socio path. I am inclined to think he is a victim since the story is just so outlandish, it almost has to be true.


He is living this out on a national stage though, the kind of embarassment and glaring spotlight few people would want or could handle. Puts my incident of mass emailing JT's d*ck in a box SNL skit to my management team into perspective. I think I can now officially look back and enjoy a good laugh at myself over that kurfuffle (word of the day thanks to Ms. Savannah Guthrie).


Time to bring it home- while I don't think this is my best outfit, it seemed fun at the time. Now I look at it and wonder what on earth inspired me to step out of the house that day. It's not really that bad I suppose, but an example of something that made sense at the time, but in retrospect, seems questionable.



Houzz Home Tour: Traditional 1920's Tudor with Modern Touches


Screenshot2013-01-27at40043PM_zpse826517e photo Screenshot2013-01-27at40043PM_zpse826517e-1_zps1d4e0e94.jpg



I have been waiting (admittedly) impatiently, for the final product of the Houzz home tour (shot last week) and it is finally live! 


Months of a total inability to post before and after shots of our renovation progress on the blog, totally irrelevant since they took all the shots for me. Worth the week of crazy cleaning and last minute projects me and the Mr did around the house. I was exhausted!


In the week before the shoot we managed to: get curtains hung in the guest room and last bedroom, put new hardware on dressers, clean out the basement, install a light fixture or two, and totally re-do our study. My father in law built custom shelves, which we painted and installed. The paint was barely dry when they came in for the shoot, but again, worth all the insanity to finally get this last room done and furnished. Sadly, they only included a few detail shot from the room. I hope to get my act together this week and post more on the project. Complete with before and after shots!


Huge thank you to Houzz for featuring our space and to Tess Fine, the talented photographer behind the lens.



From the story:

"It always kind of felt like ours," says fashion and lifestyle blogger Noelani Zervas of her 1928 brick Tudor. After a patient three-year search for a home with her husband, Michael, Zervas almost gave up until they found this house in Milton, Massachusetts, a town just south of Boston. "The house was empty but had good bones," Zervas says. Rumored to be built by the New England family behind Eddy Refrigerators, a 19th-century icebox producer, the house has a complete steel frame and ceiling beams throughout. "The house just needed some TLC, paint and someone with a little vision to pull it all together," she says.

Houzz at a Glance
Size: 2,600 square feet; 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms
That's interesting: All of the doors, knobs and cabinets were custom made for a left-handed person. 

Link to the full story and all the photos here:


MPCC Hosts: Neiman Marcus X Longchamp

Image: Hoggerandco/Instagram

Tower of Paulette's macarons: Get. In. My. Belly.

I am particularly fond of the linen clutch above and those colors! A sneak peak from Longchamp's soon to come spring collection. 

Image: QuiteContinental/Instagram

Titled: Sassy Face & Champagne


If you look closely at the background of this photo you just might spy Mr. MPChouChou in a rare blog appearance!


 Images (as labeled): Hogger & Co


Just a quick recap of the Neiman Marcus X Longchamp event I hosted in December (I know, I know, better late than never).

As usual, I am terrible at photo documenting the event myself, a random few Instagram shots aside, so I am relying heavily on the fabulous photography of Smita Jacob, at Hogger & Co.  

I particularly liked my outfit from that night (*note to self, be more efficient while taking outfit photos), which was entirely made up of articles from the depths of my closet. An eons old skirt via Zara, even older top from Ann Taylor, bow belt from H&M and some fancy nude Miu Miu heels. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh perspective to reinvent a few items you've owned for years and realize they were made for each other.

Thank you kindly to everyone who came out!

The night was a smashing success, with decadent macarons from Paulette's (flown in from San Francisco!)....I had to sample each and every flavor. The luxe Longchamp Veau Foulonne tote was won by my pal Mariah, felicitations!

Again, thank you for coming out, it was so lovely to see so many familiar faces and meet a lot of new ones!