Get In My Closet: Erotokritos Fall 2011 & Interview

Remember Erotokritos? The Fabulous French brand I discovered on my recent trip to Paris and posted about here?

I am excited to report that the debut of the fall 2011 collection is just around the corner (I know hard to think fall with all the steamy weather here) and I have a preview of everything to share! Even better news? Erotokritos currently ships to the US, with additional plans for expansion in boutiques stateside. Still not enough? If you go online they are running their summer sale and current season goodies are all up to 50% off. Seriously good timing to snatch up these wares without having to worry too much about the exchange rate (ahem, something I always take into consideration for the sake of husband when shopping internationally)!

The Erotokritos 2011/2012 Fall/Winter collection "was designed for a precise situation, to which today's woman is bound to be confronted. From skipping class at the Sorbonne for the student to yummy mummy for the wannabe MILF, 15 different looks" are presented (below). One of my favourites is titled Sofia Coppola est hyper jalous, or Sofia Coppola, jealous much? I love the playful irreverence of the campaign, paired with the seriously chic fashion. They have you covered for a Bobo* afternoon or those pesky times when you are stopped by a Japanese trendspotter.....again. Such is life, right?

*French word of the day: Bobo is short for bourgeois and bohemian, two social classes and titles that people never dreamed would go together, yet totally do. 

One word to describe the brand Erotokritos- 

        What is the process behind each new collection? 
The process is a different story every season,  sometimes it starts from a film, sometimes from an exhibition or a trip to a new country!
What do you hope the future holds for the line? Any plans for further expansion into the US or online based shopping? 
We have a brand new eshop which is starting to do very well and its open to the whole world including the US, we are also expanding to the US in multi brand shops, our new agent in New York is doing a good job diffusing the brand in interesting boutiques all over the country!  
Who is the ideal Erotokritos customer? 
The ideal customer is the creative woman who is sure about her personality and by creative we don't mean only artistic but in many aspects and in any profession. Lets put it this way- the thinking woman but not necessarily intellectual.  
What is the stand out piece from the latest collection? 
For fall I love the puffy brocade skirt worn with the cinnamon knit lace cardigan (here).
How has the launch of First Floor been received? Any other new plans in the works for the boutiques? 
First floor has been amazing experience for the brand.  We take food inspired by Cypriot cuisine and fuse it with French and Japanese influences. We specifically ask young Parisian chefs from different backgrounds to create dishes using Cypriot products, to give to the menu the cosmopolitan element of EROTOKRITOS fashion translated into food! Then the shopping part was just great because we used fabrics which remained in our atelier from previous collections and mixed them up to make special limited edition pieces for the "first floor"shopper. The experience was so great that we will continue until September.

Erotokritos currently has two shops in Paris, is available in many boutiques, and an outlet in Cyprus. Count on me going there when we head to Greece next year.

109 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 Paris
Tel : +33 (0) 1 42 78 14 04



Above: Bebe tunic, J Crew Sandals, Foley and Corinna bag, Forever 21 bangles, 
Yurman ring, Oliver Peoples sunglasses

This has been one of those weeks, where I just can't seem to get organized or caught up! Maybe it's the heat the pace.......of a.......snail? Or the bout with food poisoning I just had?

I have been meaning to post this outfit forever and a day (see above note on being woefully behind)! I actually wore this to a pool party over 4th of July weekend. That is just how behind I am. Feels so liberating to admit that. My aunt Leslie called this a "two snaps" outfit. Love her.

I have dubbed this my Hawaii outfit. My very hip, gorgeous, and wonderful mother bought it for me (along with the Foley and Corinna bag) before our honeymoon as a bon voyage care package for the islands. Isn't she the bomb? Her birthday is this week too- Happy Birthday Mama!

This ensemble was also used as part of a project that the lovely Madison, at Fashion Tales, recently put together. Our mission was to submit outfits inspired by music and interpreted through the lyrics of a favourite song. Isn't this such a refreshing idea? Check out all the fabulous contributions here. I am so happy to have been a part of it and to have discovered all the wonderful blogs of the other contributors. Definitely check them all out!

But wait, there is even more news to catch up on from this week! I was plum tickled to be included in fun post by Michele, of Michele's Musings. She took to her blog to dispute GQ's controversial ranking of Boston as the worst dressed city in the country. Quelle horreur!! I know we get a bad rap here as NYC's ugly step sister fashion wise, but clearly these people did not know where to look. Fashionable people are here! I swear!

Feeling caught up finally. Hope you ave a wonderful week!


NYC Travelogue

Just a brief post while I try to collect myself. I have been busy with work and play this week and I am feeling a little under the weather after so much fun (or maybe it is this heat?!)!

Besides the day job, I managed to sneak to New York for a quick experience my first Capsule. I thought I was prepared for heat and the city by packing light layers, shorts and comfortable footwear. I was wrong.  I ended up doing a little shopping in Soho and supplementing my packed items with the addition of a wonderful white boyfriend jacket from Reiss (for the romper below), along with a few other things- oops! Sadly, I never got a chance to wear my muted/sparkly shorts from Club Monaco- my first adventure in the world of sequins.

I tossed all my bags at the Standard Hotel, explored the high line and Chelsea Market, did a wee bit of shopping and drank too many overpriced cocktails. I also shared a few lovely meals with some of my favourite NYC based bloggers, Mariah of Quite Continental along with the fashion/resident Psychologist from Style on the Couch. We explored the workings of the Standard's Biergarten, dined behind the pawn shop at Beauty and Essex and gorged on burgers and biscuits from Bubby's. All in all, a fabulous, all to brief trip! Now back to the grind......and some rest!

Above: BCBG dress, Forever 21 bracelets and belt, PS1 bag, Zara flats

Above: Ann Taylor romper, Isabel Marant heels, Forever 21 belt and earrings, vintage Gucci clutch

Above: Club Monaco shorts and top, J Crew bracelets

Above: Forever 21 shorts, vintage top, Oliver Peoples glasses and Soludos


Currently Obsessing

Currently obsessing over....

Artful details, unique soirees, and inspired design.

Can't put down the recent 'Life is a Party' themed issue of Anthology Magazine, with illustrations and cover art by the equally lovely and talented Julia Denos. I dare you to read this and not get crafty.

What is a party without champagne? This Charles D'Embrun bottle and pastel label look like a sweet confectionary treat and it is sure to be just as tasty.

For after the festivities, sometimes I need a coffee alternative. Which is where this Fortnum and Mason tea comes in. Strong, fragrant and sure to instantly cure all that ails you.

And finally, you knew I had to be pining over some accessory, right? These stunning chandelier earrings from Patch NYC are at the top of my "go with everything" list. For all the obvious reasons.



Above: Jennifer Chun top, Club Monaco shorts, Isabel Marant shoes, H&M bracelets and blazer, 
Oliver Peoples Wacks glasses

Ugly glasses are like like a triple threat. First, dangerous because you hate them so much you don't wear them (when you should). Second, a costly mistake given how much money frames and lenses will run you at the end of the day and third, they usually ruin your outfit. I have suffered through my last pair for about 4 years. Which felt like 4 dog years. I seriously thought about getting LASIK- though that does secretly scare me half to death. I'm also pretty certain that since I saw the preview for the newest Final Destination flick that I will never be attempting LASIK.

So I caved, got an eye exam and invested in a new pair. I am profoundly happy with my decision. I went with Oliver Peoples "Wacks" frame in basic black. I love them. As does my chi Ty, who makes a guest appearance in these photos.

I wore them up to the farm last weekend to show off to my mother (who stepped in as official outfit photographer again). She was more excited about my cute Jennifer Chun top however.....and who can blame her? It is one of those tops that just goes with everything. I had to try very hard to limit myself to one purchase when Jennifer came to Louis Boston's exposure series last month, and this, happily was it.