Maple Cider Hot Toddy Cocktail Recipe


For these chilly nights. Or an elixir for digestion post Turkey day. The Maple Cider Hot Toddy will cure what ails you. 


I am not usually one for the warm cocktails, but the chilly temps that moved in recently moved me to craft one.



Maple Cider Hot Toddy


1/3 cup apple cider

1 lemon, juiced

2 teaspoons maple syrup

1/2 jigger lemon simple syrup

4 jiggers whiskey (The Sazerac is a delight!)

1 jigger maple liqueur


Mix Cider, lemon juice, lemon syrup, and maple syrup over heat to warm.

In a separate container, mix whiskey and maple liqueur. Pour warm liquids into alcohol and stir. Distribute between glasses (two large or 3 mini) and garnish with a cinnamon stick. 

PS, equally delightful on the rocks! 


Black is the New Black

 photo IMG_1312_zps0599a22b.jpg

 Above: Zara romper (similar Skaist Taylor romper), button down and moto jacket (this Generation Love moto jacket is delightful), Miu Miu boots, Proenza Schouler PS1


Crazy fall colors and crazy fall warm weather. 

I shouldn't be able to get away with wearing a jumpsuit into mid November, but low and behold, that is exactly what I did this weekend for date night out with hubs. I confess, it is hard to leave the little one at home, but important to get away just the two of us....where conversation doesn't focus on diapers and feedings and diapers. Though the stray diaper bomb may have snuck into discussions over wine at Mistral. Just sayin.

Also decided it was time to invest in some new wardrobe items (after a few weeks back at the gym!). This oversize cardi from H&M is a gorgeous steal. I have been on the look out for a buffalo check topper since last year and this peacoat from J Crew perfectly fits the bill. Finally, some new sunglasses, the tinted version of the prescription pair I wear so often, from Super. I swear I got my holiday shopping done in there too!! After months of not wanting to spend any money on myself though, I was overdue for a few items, right?

PS, so over the collabs. Especially this Marant X H&M one. I mean, $300+ for collab items? When I can just wait out the after holiday sales and get the real deal for the same amount? A little patience, a lot of discounted Marant is what I'll be saving for.


Thanksgiving Decor & Tablescape: Tips, Tricks and DIY Ideas

 photo IMG_6065_zpsb3ffe89d.jpg  photo IMG_6047_zps4b2ff219.jpg  photo IMG_6046_zps58fd3585.jpg  photo IMG_6062_zps54a452b5.jpg  photo IMG_6064_zpsf370b175.jpg  photo IMG_6059_zpscb63827f.jpg  photo IMG_6041_zpse179ada3.jpg  photo IMG_6068_zpse0848bbb.jpg


Thanksgiving holiday decor....for the DIY inspired, using what you already have on hand (for the most part). I swear.

DIY Decor: When tapped to host the holiday for the first time last year, I was low on supplies and low on inspiration and time, having only just moved into our new house a few months before. What to do? I took to the yard. I gathered inspiration from all the fall colors and foliage, literally out my back door. Pine cones collected from the yard. Pine branches that had fallen in an early storm, all collected and dried out. Get creative with the pine cones...why not spray them white? Gold? What ever your color scheme is, they don't discriminate.

Centerpiece & Table Decor: I also have a growing collection of mercury type glass (scored from Homegoods), which easily passes for year round decor, or holiday chic in a hot second. I hate investing in things that are 'Thanksgiving' (ie turkey patterned) or 'Christmas' (ie branded with holly), that can only be taken out when that time of year rolls around. Invest heavily in gold, silver, white, decor that says holiday without screaming it from the mountain tops. Toss a few platters, candlesticks, bowls, fill with persimmons, tangerines, pine cones and flowers for a gorgeous centerpiece that sprawls all the way down the table center. Toss a mini pumpkin or gourd in the mix. Sprinkle them on the mantle. Fill a bowl or clear vase with them.

Place cards:  I also love an excuse to craft place cards. Admittedly a bit formal but sometimes easier when people are looking for a place to sit, or plate to grab a plate for the buffet! I decided to make a faux bois type more festive by finishing in orange ink- over a plain white place card. Allow to dry and channel your inner calligrapher. The owl place card holders are quirky and not turkeys. Done and done. 

Chargers & China: Another formal aspect of your tablescape that deserves some attention, our friend the charger. Yes, they are in investment, but they frame and layer your china beautifully. I purposely invested in plain white china, in order to mix and match with chargers and other china patterns. The idea of investing in pricey porcelain with a only a few color options? Abhorrent. I pick up vintage patterns, mix and match old sets, and swap out chargers when I need a change. 

Linens: Why not opt for a tried and true pattern- like the Marimekko Lumimarja print, in a festive fall color? I used this same print in pink and white at my wedding. It is an excellent multi-tasker and a timeless selection from the archives of Marimekko. When it comes to the napkins I usually opt for something from my discount friend Homegoods or TJ Maxx. They are stain absorbers, why spend big bucks? I like a complimentary pattern and deep tones, which disguise any errant spills or colors post meal.

Odds & Ends: Napkin rings are your friend. You can make your own- think rosemary springs tied with wire, faux flowers, bracelets, or as I did here, white birch. Etsy is an unbelievable source for crafted items at a budget friendly price (the only way to get it past husband!). 

Where & How: I source most decor items from the same place on repeat: Homegoods, TJ Maxx, H&M Home, Zara Home, Etsy, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn. Make sure you start the shopping process armed with measurements! And, start to shop early to take advantage of friends and family and holiday discounts, or take into account shipping (delays) from online only sites like Zara and H&M. Last but certainly not least, shop your own house. Silver owl piggy bank from the bookshelf? Perfect to tie together the place cards and silver glassware on the table. 


Shop these items:

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