Technicolor Dream Bump: Maternity Maxi at 28 Weeks

Above: Anthropologie dress (similiar summery version), Zara sandals, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos tote, GAP 1969 denim vest, Karen Walker Northen Lights sunglasses


How did you enjoy this (finally) gorgeous weekend? We hosted some friends for a BBQ, went to another BBQ, and generally just BBQ'd all day and all night. Nothing wrong with a little, or a lot, of BBQ!

I wore this dress out and about Friday, then wore another with a similar cut, also from Anthropologie, for one of the BBQ's. I love the feathered, funky, print of this version from fall, though it will probably be my one and only time wearing it during the 'maternity-era'. It was a squeeze on top between all my bumps, and at the rate the belly is growing, I feel certain I wouldn't be able to zip it now- just a few days later. So sad bidding goodbye to all my favourite clothes!

The partner dress (worn to BBQ) has the same flattering top that darts in a bit on the sides/shoulders, but is a light white with more brights, by Maeve, pics coming soon!

Confessional: I purchased three dresses for the shower. It just seemed impossible to shop too far in advance- how big would I be? Would I want a print? What if the material isn't stretchy enough? I went with a basic black maxi, the Maeve printed maxi, and a crazy batik maxi made out of jersey. Either way they will all see a lot of wear. Am I crazy? My husband certainly thinks so. I like options for big events like this though, and size was definitely an issue for this one.

OK, back to my nesting. Nursery is almost done! 



Bring on the BLT's: Bebe Loves Her Bacon


Bebe has clearly had bacon on the petit brain.

Early on in my pregnancy, and even now, it is the one constant item I am craving. I had an insatiable appetite for pineapple in my first trimester but that quickly fell by the wayside, to be replaced by BACON.  I am not even much of a meat eater (sorry to the vegeatrians out there, this post is an ode to pork). 

I have had many variations of this sandwich in rotation but this was one of my finest examples.

Let's call it Bebe's Bacon and Egg melt.



4-5 slices thick cut bacon

radish, thinly sliced


1 fried egg

avocado slices

manchego slices

fresh bread

spicy aioli (recipe below)


Bake bacon in oven (easiest, and cleanest way to "fry" it up), until brown and crisp, at 400 degrees. Toast bread with manchego, or a tasty cheese of your choosing...finding pasteurized is always a challenge! Spread one side of bread with aioli. Layer all ingredients, et voila!

Spicy Aioli:

Mix 1/2 cup 2% Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, sriracha (to taste), 1-2 cloves minced garlic, salt, pepper,  and lemon.


Dressing the Boho Bump: Week 27 

Above: Zara caftan dress (similar), Zara woven tote, Zara necklace, Erotokritos sandals, Ray Ban Aviators


Well it's official, my belly popped. Big time! Fitting since I just entered the third trimester, right?

I have been wearing this Zara caftan non stop in the last few weeks- it's a size medium and still has plenty of room for the bump to expand, thankfully.

This particular outing/wearing was on that sizzling hot day last week, where it was like 95 degrees?! Between my belly and the heat I was a real slowsky! Renata, fellow blogger extraordinare at Scorpion Disco was good enough to grab lunch with me downtown (which was more, me stuffing my face while she nibbled daintily on a cookie), and then stroll around town....basically making sure I didn't pass out from the heat. 

We strolled Newbury, hitting the new Warby Parker, where I picked up the fabulous fillmore (instagram shot here!). From there we perused the new Steven Alan space, where I tried on a killer Lauren Moffat dress and top, and picked up this Demy Lee t-shirt (instagram shot here!). It's soft as can be, swingy in all the right spots, and perfect for baby now and after. This is actually a size small and more than generous enough for the expanding bebe Z. Final destination, Peruvian Connection, yet ANOTHER new space that just opened on Newbury St. I am still waiting for this jacket from the fall collection to be available, it's reminiscent of my fave Isabel Marant, minus the price tag. 

Lot's opening and going on downtown! Anything I missed? Can't miss? Keep me posted people!