Maxi Skirts & Denim Vesting It

Above: Maxi skirt (similiar) and necklace (similar) via Anthropologie, J Crew gladiator sandals (similar), Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos, Super Ciccio glasses, Old Navy t-shirt, and Gap denim vest (similar)


The experiment in sleep deprivation continues! 

Oddly, I think you get used to the lack of sleep and new sleep patterns rather quickly. Waking every 2 hours. Functioning on 4-5 hours of sleep. Suddenly, isn't so bad. I mean, I survived college, I can survive this. College was probably the last time I napped on the regular as well. I hate napping, but I have given in- my best zzz's are when the baby manages a few of them herself.

Another college parallel, I am carrying around my freshman 15 again. Most other college behaviour however, would likely be deemed totally inappropriate while nursing a baby (around the world shots? power hours? keg stands? oh lord, now I need to worry about my child doing these things). Shame I don't have many clothes left from those days....but then again, that was my 'Abercrombie' period, something better left behind...yes, I confess, I worked there in college and totally drank the Abercrombie koolaid. Fess up, you probably did too. How thankful am I that few photos exist of this period? Ahh the good ole days before digital. 

Signing off from the baby trenches....XOXO


Nursery Renovation & Houzz Feature: Nursery Color & Pattern Play

Important baby project numero uno (aside from the petite bebe herself?), why the nursery of course. I am excited the folks at Houzz love everything as much as I do.

Definitely check the site out for even more nursery decor was one of my go-to sources for creative and original baby space ideas. Think outside the princess pink and boyish blue! I dare you!


Use the help of top home decorators to select matching a bed table and a new lampshade for your own bedroom design.
From wall paper to stencils for walls, upholstery fabrics to room dividers, design doesn't stop at construction.



Babies be Babies: Celebrity Babe Edition


Some baby inspiration.....while I am in the trenches. These seriously chic mamas and their babes make it look down right easy. I don't think there is enough concealer in the world to cover my bags...and I use heavy artillery, Cle de Peau, worth every penny.

What do you think of all the 'bunnies' and mummies, as Julia Restoin Roitfeld calls them (images via Romy and the Bunnies)? 

Some much needed inspiration when I realize it is 12:00 and I haven't gotten out of my pajamas!!


From the top, Brigitte Bardot and Nicolas, 1960.

Elizabeth Taylor and Liza, 1957.

Marlene Dietrich and Maria Riva, 1930.

Francoise Hardy, Jacques Dutronc and Thomas, 1973.

And last but certainly not least, Jane Birkin and Kate.


For more stylish mamas (getting their glow on) and their tots, be sure to follow along on Pinterest, Maternity Chic and Babies be Babies.