Dress like a Parisian & Paris Packing List: Day Outfits X 3


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Babymoon time! Husband surprised me by agreeing to a long weekend in Paris, a last chance to stroll the city of lights before baby Z joins us. My goal is always to blend. Not broadcast tourist. Especially challenging this year given my expanding waist line. The highest compliment I have received while abroad- not on an outfit, but when I was stopped in the street and asked for directions while sightseeing in Paris.  

Here are some of my quick tips on dressing like a Parisian (aka, Mon Petit Chou Chou's universal travel fashion guide to not look like a tourist).


-Keep it simple. Fill your luggage with timeless basics that translate well anywhere, anytime. Raw dark denim, plain black flats, a trench (or cape trench in my case), you get the drift....

-Comfort is king! Think long walks. Public transportation. COM-FORT-ABLE shoes. I repeat, COM-FORT-ABLE shoes!

-April weather in Paris can be unpredictable, but closely follows our temps on the East Coast. I double down with light layers that keep me warm in the early AM, and can be easily shed and stowed in a roomy tote when the sun gets higher.

-Less is more. Especially when it comes to dressing like a Parisian. They build wardrobes around well edited investment pieces that will last for years, not cheap trendy items that are tossed in a week. It's a wardrobe model and lifestyle I try to live by. 

-I personally like to keep my travel purse/tote light. Load your phone up with apps. Carry a quick mini-map. And I never leave home without my trusty point and shoot Leica. The carry case also makes for a great cross body purse in a pinch!

Need more ideas on what the wear? Inges de la Fressange's little red book, Parisian Chic do you right.


1. The Cape, Hatch

2. St James Unisex Tee

3. Cece Black Flat, J Crew

4. AG Jeans

5. Hermes Constance Bag

6. Ray Ban Aviators

7. Leica Camera & Case

8. Straw Fedora, Forever 21

9. Isabel Marant Etoile Lace Dress

10. Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos Tote

11. Printed Scarf, Zara

12. Isabel Marant Dicker Ankle Boot

13. Denim Vest, GAP

14. Vic Matie Ankle Boots

15. Maternity Jacket, Top Shop 

16. Pleated Maxi Skirt, J Crew

17. Gold Leather Tote, GAP

18. Northern Light Sunglasses by Karen Walker

19. Grand Herkimer Necklace, Hannah Blount

20. Western Denim Top, Madewell



The Cape: Maternity Must

Above: J Crew cashmere sweater dress (similar J Crew crepe dress here) and plaid top, Forever 21 cape (I just picked up this similar trench cape from Hatch), TopShop necklace, Zara flats (similar leopard penny loafer), and Louis Vuitton Speedy


The cape has quickly become a stylish maternity must for me this spring. It is expandable. Light weight. And in a beige like this, goes with everything.

In fact, I just purchased another one from maternity line Hatch. After all when something works, you should buy it in multiple styles and colors (as my grandmother sagely advised me).

I remember buying this sweater dress from J Crew on clearance months ago (a few sizes up) thinking this will never fit me. Entering month five of pregnancy, I have changed my tune. Glad I had the foresight to snatch this up on deep discount. 

This outfit was perfect for brunching with friends- as I did that day with Khatu, Jean, Bettina and Lissy, planning and shopping for our Marshalls event. Quick reminder on the new date!


Event details:

Marshalls Fenway: 126 Brookline Ave, Boston MA

Wednesday, May 8, 6-8:00 PM

You can RSVP for the free event here:


Traveling While Pregnant

Travel Tote, Rebecca Minkoff
Document Holder, Burberry (doubles as a clutch!)


The Cape, Hatch
Maternity Jean, J Brand (seriously, the MOST comfortable)
Striped Tee, Zara (check out the new collection for mums to be, they have been a maternity staple for me)



Planning your perfect babymoon? Last hurrah before baby cramps your travel style? Here are a few things to plan in advance......


The important stuff:


-Talk to your physician. Period. Mine said, hmm....France. You know you can't eat stinky cheese or drink wine right? Oh I know, but I plan to shop for a chic diaper bag and eat my body mass in pastry, while my husband drinks copious amounts of wine and forgets about the exchange rate. Always defer to your physician!
-Travel in the second trimester. No morning sickness. Fewer hormones and moodswings. Done and done.
-Bring all important records, medical info (insurance, etc), and contacts for your physician. Consider an international plan for your phone, or a cell for international travel.
-Check out local health care facilities/hospitals at your destination.
-Check your health insurance for coverage in foreign countries and consider additional travel insurance.
-Check your airline's policy on pregnant travel- it varies by line and what trimester you are in!
-Plan ahead for medication you need and trust. I have a hard enough time navigating what I can and can't take, much less doing so in a foreign country with labels in another language.


Other stuff:


-Think comfort when it comes to your clothes, footwear, and plans. I want to go to Versailles. Husband has his doubts given how easily I tire. I've packed a lot of versatile layers (especially for that flight) and flats!
-My physician said not to stress about airport screening machines, or the small amount of radiation on the airplane itself- so I won't.
-On the flight itself, usual advice applies, drink plenty of water, make sure to get up and stretch your legs and of course, buckle up (below the abdomen)!
-Learn how to say 'I am preggers' in the native tongue: 'je suis enceinte' and 'j'attends un enfant' should do the trick. 
-Bring beaucoup snacks. 
-Think about minimizing travel time with direct flights, or maximizing your space with a seat upgrade to a bulkhead/front row or first class, if possible- good time to use those perks! I love my Amex platinum card for airline lounge perks (ie free admission), where I can relax with a guaranteed seat, free wifi, and snacks, glorious snacks.


Bon voyage!