Build a Better Bar Cart: Ginger & Mint Simple Syrup


In our next installment in my build a better car cart series- an often overlooked ingredient: simple syrup.

It is, as the name might lead you to believe, quite simple. Also an unabashedly simple way to amp up your cocktail with minimal effort.


Ingredients: 1:1 ratio of sugar to water (1 cup/1 cup).

Directions: Boil

Extra credit: Steep additional flavors for 30 minutes. I chose mint and ginger for this batch.


Syrup keeps in a covered container for up to one month in the refrigerator.

Use it in a cocktail you make on the regular to crank it up a notch (the mint makes quick business of a julep). Or try something entirely new (check here for some ideas from Bon Appetit), like a Mezcal smash, or a daiquiri amped up with lemon zest syrup.


Currently Obsessing: Skulls, Not Just for Halloween my Friends


Currently Obsessing over all things skull-tastic, from clothing to jewelry, to homegoods, and not just because it's Halloween!


If you have been following me on pinterest, you'll know I've been stocking a pinboard there with even more ideas.


2. Tom Fuchs Skull Icebucket
3. Zara Skull Candle
5. Me&Ro Skull Ring
7. Zadig et Voltaire Cashmere Skull Tank
9. TopShop Skull Legging


Sparkle & Fade

Above: TopShop jacket (waaay old but check out this fun version from Reiss), Cynthia Vincent maxi via TJ Maxx (love this green version for fall), Amy O necklace (c/o), Super glasses, Zara clutch


My sequin kick continues.

As does my obsession with this maxi, that I have worn into the ground the last few weeks.  

I wore this out to dinner with husband a little while back, when the lawn wasn't completely covered in leaves! Which also sums up what I did this weekend, yard work, raked leaves, got a little crazy with the leaf blower, fun, fun, fun. 

Surprising this jacket hasn't made an appearance on the site before, it was literally the first thing I bought when TopShop launched its US site. Michael Jackson meets Chanel, right?  

I haven't had the same luck with TopShop recently but I am excited to check them out at my local Nordstrom soon.


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