Harvest Moon




Featured Above: TopShop skirt, Forever 21 Coat, J Crew Shirt, Banana Republic Boots, Lizzie Fortunato for Madewell Necklace

Who says you can't go home again?

I popped by the family farm last week (dropping off the old dining room set to make room for the new!) and had to take advantage of the views and sunny skies for some outfit photos with my new recurring guest photographer, ma mere!

I broke out the orange lipstick too! Though in the photos it doesn't seem as orange as I initially thought it was. Seemed much more shocking before I left the house with it on. Isn't that always the way?

The only new item here is the skirt from Topshop. The boots are too old to really reveal and the jacket was one of those deals in Forever 21 that you just can't pass up- $8.99! It's a bit heavy in the shoulders but for the most part a great buy. My mother was shocked when I told her where I got it.

The farm makes people happy. I can't help but smile at, and in, these photos. Unless you have hay fever or are allergic to horses and/or hay, then the farm will not make you happy. I can't wait for summer days there....


Out and About


Looking for something fashionable to do? Perhaps shop for a good cause? Hunger for some culture?

If you don't have a classic white shirt from the epic French designer Anne Fontaine, this Saturday is an excellent opportunity to change that, and support the American Red Cross relief effort in Japan. Nothing I like better than shopping for the greater good.

Youks Kids more your speed? Stop by National Jean Company Friday April 15 for 15% off the entire store, with 10% of proceeds going to support Kevin Youkilis', Youks Kids. Celebrate after dark with an exclusive cocktail party......

Need a little culture in your life? Get your fill April 21 at Louis Boston, hosting a reception for the talented artist Ben Blanc. A selection of new sculptures will be presented during the opening reception from 6-8.

See you there!


Just Being Audrey

 Images: Julia Denos

Every Wednesday morning I wake up early to sip my coffee, study, and finish homework for my French class. I love studying the language- first in my blissfully (and rarely) quiet apartment and then in the class itself, taught by a delightful native speaking teacher and surrounded be supportive students. The group itself is that rare combination of genuinely nice people who are there to learn, and who support you, or share a laugh with you when you mix up the pronunciation of la gare (train station) with la guerre (war!).

We learn a lot about each other through our piece meal dialogues and translations. My classmate Julia (Denos), for example, is a fellow Greek-Francophile, as well as a supremely talented illustrator. I wandered from the Harvard Square Anthropology to class one day and finally realized that she was the name on the book I had just been admiring in the store;  Just Being Audrey. Quelle bonne surprise!

Images: Julia Denos

I went back to Anthropology, purchased the book, and knew I had to share Julia's gorgeous work. The book, written by Margaret Cardillo, is utterly adorable. Just Being Audrey is the story any fashionista should add to the library of their mini aspiring fashionistas. Or, a must for anyone who appreciates all things Audrey.

Julia's illustrations capture the expressions and joie de vivre of Audrey Hepburn to a "T". Her thorough research and knowledge of her subject shine in her creations. Seriously, watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and Roman Holiday for work? Charmed! Julia has a talent for rendering all of Ms. Hepburn's trademark fashions and style- it is very easy to see Julia making the jump from illustrating books to fashion editorials one day.

Images: Julia Denos

You can find out more about Julia and her work through her site and her blog, The Cinnamon Rabbit. I dare you to look at Julia's illustrations and not have a smile on your face- double dare you!


Whoopie Pie vs Macaron.....Which Is Supreme?


Images: Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit recently ran a feature on the macaron vs the whoopie determine which would be the next "cupcake" in terms of popularity and trendiness. Now, to be fair, I have been on the macaron train for quite some time,  but I decided to run a test of my own with their recipes and let my taste buds be the judge.

The editorial ran with 4 recipes (two in the magazine and two online), two of which I chose: German Chocolate Cake Whoopie Pies vs Macarons with Burnt Caramel (click links for recipes). The gauntlet hath been thrown in my kitchen!




Week one, whoopie pie time. I rolled up my sleeves and attempted this all-American treat for the first time. The recipe was alarmingly easy to make and the batter was chocolate heaven. I consumed so much and instant sugar high and headache ensued. Well worth it. I also had a chance to finally break out the L.A. Burdick's cocoa powder husband bought me for Valentines this year (in his defense by the time he got there they were completely cleaned out of truffle mice).

I was able to make the batter in under 15 minutes, whip up a coconut, nut filling while they baked, and assemble within an hour. I did omit the chocolate ganache, which seemed a bit like chocolate overkill to me, but if someone tries it, let me know how it works. Instead, I took the time to attempt a second more classic filler for the whoopie pie, a vanilla cream cheese butter cream. Equally as delicious.

What will the verdict be? We'll have to wait until I make the macarons for results. I had husband take all whoopie pies to the office, where his co-workers will be enlisted to tally votes for the best baked good in our challenge. Results pending!!



Chairs for Miles and.......Milo Baughman

In my quest for chairs, I decided to roll the dice and take a chance on eBay. I have often flirted with eBay over the years, but surprisingly, never became a die hard devotee. Given my proclivity for shopping, especially the online variety, this is shocking.

While perusing some dining chair options via "the bay" I repeatedly found myself drawn to designs by Milo Baughman. Like a moth to a candy striped flame.


What do you think of some of these chairs for my new driftwood table? I like the combination of chrome, color and bright print playing off the natural wood and glass top.



Baughman, one of the leading furniture designers of the twentieth century was American born, affordable, prolific, modern, sometimes wacky and totally me. He enjoyed a long career, working with many different designers and manufactures over the years, until his death in 2003. From the man himself, sentiments to live and design by:

"Furniture that is too obviously designed is very interesting, but too often belongs only in museums."

"When I left Art Center, I thought Modern design would change the world. Now, I no longer have such lofty hopes, but perhaps the world is just a bit better off because of it. 
In any event, good Modern has already proven to be the most enduring, timeless and classic of all design movements."

Love at first site. I can't wait to see what I buy.....