NYFW Lauren Moffatt Fall 2013: Cabin Rentals



Lauren Moffatt's Fall 2013 collection, dubbed Cabin Rentals, was a whimsically rustic take on the classic Moffatt silhouettes- full of gamin/mod dresses and vintage details. It is always a joy to see and experience her presentions, this time in a Soho loft space, complete with kitschy hotel key as the coveted entrance pass.

Inspired by a trip to the Catskills, the models were perched atop tree trunk bases, within what is surely one of the chicest cabins I have ever had the chance to stumble upon.

I am mad for Moffatt's print, which ran the gammet from floral, to bold color block chevron stripes.  The refined jackets are what I will personally be looking to invest in come fall, I adore the bright piping, long and short lengths and the pop of the gold buttons.

This presentation also marked the debut of Moffatt's winter accessories line, composed of darling muffs, mittens, and fur dickies. Now, if only I had these goodies to see me through the rest of this dreary season...

The collection had musical accompaniement supplied by a solo guitar player, but Moffatt used a lot of musical inspiration while designing (think Rolling Stones, Troubadors, etc)- check out her complete play list here on spotify.




A Bundle of Joy & Converse Well Worn 


Above: Zara tunic (similar), Converse Well Worn All Stars (c/o), Michael Kors moto jacket (similar here), Lululemon leggings, Qi Cashmere vest, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos tote, Lily & Migs necklace via UsTrendy (c/o)


“Well Worn sneakers are a sign of a life well lived, and these purposefully tattered Converse suggest a life lived to the fullest.   After all, shiny perfect things have no soul.   People who wear Converse have always taken pride in the beating they give them.  When it comes to a pair of Chuck Taylor All Stars, that wear and tear is a beautiful celebration of experiences that left their mark.”

Do you remember your first pair of Converse? Were they plain? Bright? Patterned? Lovingly worn, broken in, slightly tattered?  My first pair were sparkly. I bought them years ago and still wear them when the occasion calls for a little je ne sais quoi and light reflecting silver sparkle.

Confessional: I swore up and down I would not be that person- to sacrifice fancy heels for sneakers but low and behold, when I am out running errands and need something fashionable and comfortable, I turn to sneakers. Especially now that the Mr. and me are expecting our first little bundle of joy (surprise!). Time to spill the beans and come clean, since you're bound to notice my rapidly expanding waistline sooner or later. What does this mean for Mon Petit Chou Chou? I will attempt to answer the age old question of whether maternity clothing can be cool. My outfits will be may be more about dressing for comfort, perhaps the recipes lean more towards comfort food for my cravings, and a nursery before and after pic may pop up...but other than that, business as usual, that is my pledge.

But back to the topic at hand, my comfortable and impeccably broken in, Converse "Well Worn" All Stars (check out all the gorgeous spring colors, replete with studs and stripes)- which they were kind enough to allow me to test drive.

These high tops are more fun than your run of the mill black ballet flat (or the suburban soccer mom uniform of flat riding boots) and make me feel like I haven't sacrificed all the "cool" to impending mommyhood.  The icing on the cake, they have done the breaking in for me with these beauties, oh so faintly scuffed, with a hint of sun bleached fading, achieving out of the box what would take you years to perfect! This is good people. You pay a premium for it in denim, no need to do so here.

Not only is the Stellar Blue shade perfect for jeans, tees and warm layers right now, but will easily transition to warmer months this spring when I pair them perfectly with flowery dresses and skirts. I look forward to our warm weather family outings, husband in his All Stars (which he took the time to break in himself, as photo documented in the pic above), me struggling to lace mine up over baby, and of course, baby's first pair. Excited to leap into spring and see what the coming months hold for all of us. 


Build a Better Bar Cart: Drink it! Ginger Slipper


Friday confessional: I am secretly compiling all my home grown cocktail recipes for a soon to be published book (in my dreams!). Until then, I will continue to share them with you in our ever expanding Build a Better Bar Cart series. 


My liqueur du jour is Domaine de Canton ginger liqueur. Little bit sweet, tiny bit spicy, all around delicious. It's the perfect addition to classic cocktails, and just what you will crave on a chilly winter night.


This is a recipe born out of a few taste trials by husband and I while snowed in.


Ginger Slipper


2 oz cognac
1/2 oz rich simple syrup
1 oz Domaine de Canton
1 tsp lemon juice


Shake all ingredients over ice, strain into a champagne coupe, and top with champagne. If you want to get fancy, toss some crystallized ginger into the coupe/flute and let is dance around in the bubbles while you sip.