The Classics & Evening with Jason Wu

Above: Hatch dress, J Crew icon trench, Banana Republic bag (luxe version by Marc Jacobs), Zara flats, vintage YSL earrings


What a crazy week last week was. Such tragedy and then triumph. Our city and residents handled this with such efficiency and class, now we can get down to the business of healing. I have never been more proud to be a Boston resident.

I relaxed all weekend. The ordeal was just so emotionally exhausting. I can't imagine what first responders, their families, and the people in the explosion are going through. Want to show your support? Donate to The One Fund, the newly formed charity established by Gov. Deval Patrick and Mayor Menino. 

And on a much less serious note.....I wore this outfit two weeks ago to attend the Jason Wu talk at the ICA, sponsored by Louis. Rarely am I at a loss for what to wear. This was one of those occasions. I don't own any Wu (something I aim to amend). I figured it best to play it safe with the classics in a case such as this.

This red dress is from the maternity line Hatch, one of my first "maternity" wear purchases. They bill the pieces in the line as items that you can wear before, during and after pregnancy. I have chosen carefully with purchases from Hatch....since these items ring in at substantially higher prices than I would normally pay for maternity wear, though if I do wear them post pregnancy the price tag will be justified.

Jason Wu was brilliant. He was affable, open, funny, and witty while waxing poetic about his beginnings (learning English from copies of Vogue), his line, designing RuPaul dolls, and his ultimate success. In an effort to lighten things up post last week, here are some of his one liners, and some instagrams from the night.



-Put yourself out there. Anything is possible. I never thought dressing the first lady was possible- but it is! 

-I love a great dress that you really can't wear. It's the fantasy part of fashion. But I also love seeing women wear my clothes.

-Designers have to react to everything that's going on in the world. That's what makes them relevant.

-Louis was one of the first stores that carried my clothes- thanks to Debi (Greenberg).

-It's because of amazing parents that I'm where I am today.


Jonathan Adler for JC Penney: Happy Chic


Images: JC Penney


I am a huge Jonathan Adler fan. It is an indulgent and expensive addiction, hence the amount of items I have are few and far between (and hard won with husband manning the budget). 

Well, this ends now. Enter the Jonathan Adler X JC Penney collaboration. Hallelujah! I want everything happy chic. 

Kind of makes me wonder about JC Penney's recent ouster of the president responsible for all these fabulous collaborations and epic rebranding. The last time I went into a JC Penney? With my mom, probably 10 years ago. The last time I visited the website before today? Oh, never. But I was online today, and may make the trek to the burbs to stock up. Maybe time to praise some of the policies and partnerships put in place by Mr. Johnson. If this is the type of thing he had in the works (in addition to collabs with Joe Fresh and others), then he was clearly on to something. 



From left: 

Greek Key Lamp

Trey with Handles

Ceramic Elephant Stool

Katie Round Pouf

Elizabeth Duvet Cover Set




Designer Check in with Hannah Blount


Working out of her studio in Boston, jeweler and artist Hannah Blount creates thoughtful, delicate, and inspired pieces, sure to please everyone on your Mother's Day shopping list (not to panic, you have a few weeks to shop!). 


A graduate of UMASS Dartmouth and a native child of Nantucket, her work is inspired by nature with an organic, yet modern, aesthetic. I checked in with Hannah to see what is inspiring her this spring, what celeb she would most like to see in her designs, and even convinced her to part with her mother's famous chocolate chip cookie recipe- thanks Momma B!


Check out for more on Hannah and her creations, our earlier Hannah Blount interview and the close up on these Herkimer diamond earrings from the holiday shoot. 


What's new and fabulous with Hannah Blount Jewelry?


Now that I have revamped my Turquoise assortment, I am tackling Sticks and Stones. I am expanding my Herkimer Diamond collection to have some more unique settings and thus adding a bit of edge to my work. Aside from that, I am also working on some delicately hand-carved gold rings with faceted gemstones (sapphires, chocolate diamonds, rubies, the list goes on...). My brain is going in a lot of directions at once.


Seriously crushing on all the fabulous Kingman Turquoise- what makes this so unique? How do you find these gems and stones?


I am seriously crushing on the Kingman Turquoise as well! I have become more and more familiar with the different grades and qualities, mining processes, and locality of the stone. My two favorite mines are the Kingman mine and the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. As I have become more familiar with these two high-quality varieties, I haven't been able to look at other Turquoise the same way... being mined in the US already has its perks for me, since I know where it came from and who is responsible for the labor. I met some of the worker bees of the Kingman mine while I was in Tucson at the gem show, and had to be dragged out of their booth for fear of buying just about everything they offered.


Celeb you would most like to see in your work?


 The First Lady! She's a celeb, right?


Number one item on your personal shopping list for the season (jeans? brands? home decor?)?


A couch. Any couch. Seriously, I am growing up.


And finally, the one thing that no mom should be without for Mother's Day?


I think my Blossom Posts are a wonderful Mother's Day gift! Although a lot of mothers get my barnacle pieces, since barnacles are (apparently) a good reference to the constant cling of children....
Also, chocolate. You were a lot of work, she deserves it.


Momma B Cookies
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup butter (room temp)
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 egg
2 cups flour, give or take
1 tsp baking soda
1/2+ tsp salt
1+ cup choco chips
1/2 cup nuts, chopped (optional)

Heat oven to 375. In large mixing bowl, mix sugars with butter. Mix just until combined- if you cream it too long, the cookies will be flat. Add vanilla and egg, blend. Add in flour, baking soda, and salt. Then add choco chips and nuts. Drop by spoonfuls on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake until golden brown- though we always like them on the doughy side.