Build a Better Bar Cart: Drink it! Ginger Bubbly Cocktail Recipe

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Cooking with baby is possible, I swear. The dishes have been a bit simpler, the time invested is minimal, but the results still delicious. When you are cooking under the gun (or fear of baby waking), fresh and quality ingredients will always treat you right.

I whipped up this cocktail to welcome friends and accompany a dinner of gourmet Chinese take out. No seriously, it is a farm fresh, father son take out business that is local!

What goes with anything? Champagne.

How to add a little excitement? Some ginger. 

Making the simple syrup will set you back about 10 minutes. The rest is cake. 


Ginger Bubbly


Crystallized ginger cubes

Champagne, Cremant, Prosecco any sparkling beverage will do


Fresh, thinly sliced ginger


Boil 1:1 ratio of sugar and water, with thinly sliced ginger on the stove top, until sugar is dissolved. Let steep 10-15 minutes. Strain and pour into a jar for storage (keeps up to 1 week).

Place crystallized ginger on a cocktail pick and drop in glass. Pour 2 teaspoons ginger simple syrup into glass. Top with sparkling beverage of your choice and swirl for dramatic effect.

A votre sante!


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Hermes the App: Silk Knots

Images: Hermes/iTunes


My iPhone just got a little chicer, a little more refined......with the intro of some Hermes.

The iconic house has gone high tech, with the ultimate guide to scarf ties. Unconventional to classic, they walk the studious scarf wearer through 26 different looks.

Learn to tie six distinct knots with video guides, or use the 20 different knot cards, each with step by step instructions to create your own version.

New knots to be added each season, as well as the latest collections to shop, mais oui. Check out and download the app here.


Forty Weeks of Baby Bump Fashion: My Personal Maternity Style Guide

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I have been taking photos at home, tracking the pregnancy weekly, but this is a MUCH more stylish version. 

From nary a bump to be found, to full on forty weeks of bumpitude (also a sneak peek of my outfit for Bostinno's Fall Lookbook). 

Loving baby.....and the swing we just bought. Seriously, worth every stinking penny for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Oh and the other thing no one tells you, or maybe I was just late to realize, you are pregnant for 10 months. Not nine. Why does the nine month myth persist? Full term is a rotund forty weeks (divided by 4, you get 10 months, right?). Ouch.