Style Roulette: Lace Short Edition


Welcome to the inaugural edition of Style Roulette

One item. Two distinct styles.

In this case, the item in question is a pair of Harvey Faircloth Lace Shorts

Styled by myself, and Mariah of Quite Continental.

Where I am bold, she is often swathed in a more muted palette. Where I dive off the deep end for a trend, she is thoroughly entrenched in the classics. One thing we share? A passion for beautiful clothes. Where we diverge, well, that is the fun part.

Hop on over to her site to see her entry in this round of roulette. 

My selections are heavily influenced by my fall shopping list, some already purchased, some still waiting on the list, and some a luxe wish I'll probably keep on dreaming about.

My inspiration- classic, well tailored pieces that will transition from season to season for the investment items. Truth be told, I am trying that buy quality over quantity thing post baby. We shall see how long it lasts. 

The Saint Laurent patent pumps are hot. Hotness personified. Hell, I want to make out with myself when earing them. I can only imagine this feeling will be amplified once I am cinched into a Marant peplum bustier (hopefully forgiving on a post baby belly). Rounding out my look, an ingenious fold over clutch from Ms. Marant's main squeeze, Jerome Dreyfuss. Is it a clutch? A tote? All of the above, and a little slice of heaven thrown in. I checked it out at Viola Lovely last weekend and had to restrain myself from taking it home with me.

Try though I might, I can't get away from my H&M, they hooked me with the Paris Collection this season. It's heavy on the black, boho, basics. Worth a look, even though it is from this mecca of fast fashion.

1. Jerome Dreyfuss Foldover Clutch

2. H&M Paris Collection Blazer

3. Harvey Faircloth Lace Shorts

4. H&M Paris Collection Captain's Hat

5. St. Laurent Patent Pump

6. Isabel Marant Bustier



Well Read Women


Our favorite literary heroines, fahionably imagined and brought to life by artist Samantha Hahn. 


So dreamy, so stylish. And so smart!


Definitely time to pick up a few of these books again.

Dressing the Baby Bump: 37-38 Weeks & Bumptastic Maternity Style

Above: Old Navy maternity dress (updated for fall here), GAP denim vest (no longer avail but J Crew has a great version), Super Ciccio glasses, Proenza Schouler PS1 (old- but obsessed with this B&W patent number), Erotokritos ermis sandals, Patch NYC bracelet, and necklace, Yuri Tozuka via Reside


Behold, the bump in all it's nearly full sized glory.

No wonder my heartburn has been so bad- there is no room left for my stomach! Though, the Rx from doc worked like a charm and I am happy, no, ecstatic to report that I have been heartburn free for the last few days. I even ventured to eat some tomatoes.....feeling pretty reckless.

And restless. How many times I can organize the same closet? Nesting, in full effect. At least husband benefited from a full closet clean out.

Weekend filled with cleaning, projects, organizing, and brunch with some fantastic ladies. Hope your weekend was as fabulous! And hope to have some exciting news to share soon....