Ainsley Fall 2012


Time for some Ainsley look book love, with a few favourites from their fall 2012 collection. I had the pleasure of seeing the collection in person while in NY this fall and it is as good as it looks in these shots.

The 'Mustang' jumpsuit was an immediate favourite, given my mild obdession with jumpsuits. I have been stalking it for a few months, and sad to say, it has since sold out at Ainsley's shop site. It is, however, still available at Anthropologie (here). 

A deep plum, pink, tangerine combo is pitch perfect- Ainsley's 'Wrangler' top and 'Saloon' skirt (such a fabulous cut and pleat!).  And another dress I am surprised not to see in Anthro, the 'Navajo' dress, a geometric, southwestern inspired midi dress. The cut is uber flattering, cinched at the waist, with an angled edge at the bottom. 

Definitely check out all Ainsley's offerings this fall, on trend, but totally classic- much like its sister line Qi cashmere (also worth a look!).


Spike the Punch


Above: Kate Spade sweater via TJ Maxx (plain version here),  Anthropologie skirt, Proenza Schouler bag (still available in a bright yellow! here), Zara flats, Banana Republic necklace


These shots are from a pre hurricane Sandy, sunny, gorgeous day, all was right in the world weekend in October.

I still can't quite wrap my head around all the devastation.

I am so thankful that it did not hit the local New England area as hard as it did our neighbors, and my heart goes out to friends and loved ones who were in her path. Definitely time to donate to the Red Cross or help out in what ever way you can. 

Hopefully everyone is able to clean up, rebuild, and enjoy more gorgeous days to come soon.


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Build a Better Bar Cart: Ginger & Mint Simple Syrup


In our next installment in my build a better car cart series- an often overlooked ingredient: simple syrup.

It is, as the name might lead you to believe, quite simple. Also an unabashedly simple way to amp up your cocktail with minimal effort.


Ingredients: 1:1 ratio of sugar to water (1 cup/1 cup).

Directions: Boil

Extra credit: Steep additional flavors for 30 minutes. I chose mint and ginger for this batch.


Syrup keeps in a covered container for up to one month in the refrigerator.

Use it in a cocktail you make on the regular to crank it up a notch (the mint makes quick business of a julep). Or try something entirely new (check here for some ideas from Bon Appetit), like a Mezcal smash, or a daiquiri amped up with lemon zest syrup.