Marshalls Found Fabulous Tour


I had the pleasure of stopping by the Marshalls found fabulous tour stop in Boston a few weeks ago. Took in a runway show. Chatted with Amy Levin of College Fashionista. All in all, a wonderfully fashionable time!

Check out the video here, for my sound bite on how to style your blazers this fall.  

While the tour iteself is winding down, you can still entere here, to win a $100 giftcard (daily) from Marshalls. 


Suno Spring 2013


One of the most exciting shows I got to peep at NYFW was Suno's collection for Spring 2013.

The people watching was almost as good (almost!) as the clothing. Garance Dore, Bill Cunningham, Caroline Issa, Solange, and Anna Wintour! Every time we turned around a new name was blurted...would make for an excellent drinking game actually.

My partners in crime for the night were the lovely Mariah (above, in the photo arranged by height) of Quite Continental and Lynsey, of Law of Fashion

We got to poke around backstage, partake of the hair and make up prep/frenzy, and popped into the Cut/MADE photo booth. Hilarity ensued.

The highlight, which I for some reason had to be talked into, was posing for a pic with Suno designer Max Osterweis, one part of the Suno duo, which includes Erin Beatty. Thanks for talking me into it ladies! 

Now for the fashion......the Spring collection echoed the decadent Kenyan textiles that made up the initial Suno collection, but in a more muted palette of grey, layered on yellow, pastels, florals and stripes. They have not lost the whimsy though, throwing in a floral splattered track suit and cell phone dress (which shouldn't work, but totally does) for good measure.

Personal favourites included the corn blue embroidered separates and a chic cream gown, replete with ruffles and dainty straps- an absolutely perfect pairing with the forties inspired waves and twists models sported.

And now, for some photos from the pros to do the collection justice. 




Jar it up


I openly admit to stealing this idea from Wholefoods. I saw this jarred up all pretty (prepped for grilling no less) and had one of those, "I can do that myself" moments.

It only took me about 2 months to actually do it!

Recipe couldn't be easier. Toss some herbs, crushed garlic, roasted red peppers in with sliced or cubed feta (slice if you intend to grill). Top with olive oil. Et voila!

It keeps for up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

Made for delicious bites with toasty bread, or as an addition to our spread of meze, along with olives, roasted peppers, pita, the more the merrier.

Next up, marinaded mozzarella.


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