Ibride: Keeping the Nursery Decor Cool


Ibride Bambi Console

Ibride Nimbus Cloud Shelf


Ibride Ostrich Lamp Console


Ibride Sultan Dog Stool


Ibride Junior Polar Bear Shelf


Ibride Angry Zhao Tray


Ibride El Querido Tray


Ibride Martial Tray



Seriously, how insane are these Ibride shelves and consoles? I am kind of a little over the faux antler baby decor, this however, is a fresh take on the animaux.

They work perfectly with Ibride's insanely cool tray series as well. I have a few in my kitchen, but I am suddenly itching for an addition to the nursery space as well. Mr. Mp ChouChou thinks they are supremely creepy. I think they are supremely cool. The question is, will they interest a wee tot, or scare them to bits? Probably best to stick with the shelving and a Lou Lou ghost chair or two....



Modern Love

Above: J Brand Mama J jeans, YSL boots (waaaay old, similar here), Forever 21 T-shirt, Jerome Dreyfuss tote, Reiss jacket (similar in black), Erickson Beamon (?) necklace x J Crew


Sorry another indoor shot while we brave what will hopefully be our last storm of the year this week~

I wore this ensemble out and about, on that fleeting spring like day we had last week, to the Veronica Beard trunk show at Viola Lovely. It was a gorgeous afternoon for a drive and well worth the trip up to the Wenham shop. The full fall collection from Veronica Beard was on view and ready for order. I personally gravitated towards some of the spring items, but failed to come away with any investment pieces. Surprise, surprise they also carry Nonoo, another fave of mine from this past Spring season.

Don't think I left Viola Lovely empty handed however, I did snag a KILLER pair of boots by Vic Matie (also available on ShopBop, though not in the style I picked up). Vac Matie is an Italian shoe maker, nary on my radar before the outing, but someone I'll definitely have my eye out for in the future. These boots are clearly made for walking, and that is my intention with them while in Paris next month. I picked up this cute tote from the Gap today to go along with the gold moto chic booties (friends and family extended one more day through today!). Now if I could just track down these Thierry Lasry sunnies, my Paris shopping, er packing list, would be off to near perfect completion.

Have a fabulous week!


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Spring Style: The Good, the Bad, and the '....Really?'

What a sad day for Boston publications. The Phoenix is no more. I am waiting to see what this really means, but for now, it is just sad. I remember being a teen in the wilds of Southern NH, PAYING for my copy of the Phoenix, and pouring over it for the best of what was cool and what I should be doing. Times have changed, since my dark ages of teenage angst, but this is not a change for the better in my humble opinion.


And I was excited to be part of the Phoenix Spring Style issue last week, which will be one of their last. They asked, I answered, Spring Style: the Good, the Bad, and the "...Really?' by Renata Certo-Ware (link here for online version, still live).


My picks and pans below, along with tips on where to buy, for every budget.


Best Spring Trend

Love, love, love all the graphic black and white print and stripes, a la Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton. So mod, loud, and infinitely "do-able" by everyone, a visual feast for the eye. Seriously doesn't get easier or more classic than black and white. 


Bold black and white geometric print, the most accessible of all the spring trends. Bring on the Twiggy! As Mad Men transitions into the swinging sixties, so shall we.

ASOS Jacquard Print Dress

Moschino Mini Dress

Marc Jacobs Stiped Flats


Worst Spring Trend

Metallic clothes. Keep this trend limited to your footwear, purses, and accessories, please. Shiny silver clothing comes off part astronaut, part Reynold's Wrap. That is not a good thing.

Hardest to pull off

Crop tops! I adore the look of a high waisted, full skirt, with a sweet cropped sweater or top but this is one best left to the pros. Or those with six-packs. I am neither. 


Midi baring, in a classy way of course. Dare to bare in a classic silhouette with some discreet cut outs, or pair a flirty, just barely cropped top with a full skirt a la Audrey Hepburn.  

Suno Cut Out Tank Dress

Suno Cropped Halter

ASOS River Island Crop Top


Most flattering on everyone

I'm quite pleased that the peplum trend has legs. It is a great silhouette that creates curves for miles, cinched in hourglass shaping minus the spanx and figure flattering disguise of a midsection and upper hips. What's not to love?

Where do you usually shop for new spring clothing?

My fashion mantra (well, lifestyle really)  is a mix of high and low. Zara and H&M are fabulous for trendy items on the cheap. Fast fashion is not a bad word! Designer goods at a deep discount are ripe for the picking at TJ Maxx. My preferred hunting ground being the runway section in Freshpond where I have spied everything from Chanel to Pucci....on clearance no less.

I am investing this spring in dresses: DVF is a perennial favourite, Tibi & Milly (Mint Julep stocks both), Flock, for some Lauren Moffatt, Barneys and Alan Bilzerian carry tomboy chic Isabel Marant, and if you need something totally unique and special, look no further than Louis. Debi Greenberg personally selects all women's wear with an impeccable eye. Louis also carries my favourite new designer discovery, Jennifer Chun. Her pieces are fun, timeless, and ring in at a great price point. Last on my list is a visit to Viola Lovely in Concord. I have been following them for a while and can't wait to check out their collection- a local home to the line Veronica Beard, which I discovered in NYC this fall.


Spring shopping list, a few of the must have items for some warmer weather. Local of course....

Veronica Beard Jacket, via Viola Lovely

Veronica Beard, which I fell for hard at NYFW (here), launched their entire collection with 'the jacket'. Figure I might as well start there....

Jennifer Chun Iris Shirtdress, via Louis

One of my favourite designers, her pieces are classic, beautifully cut and are built to stand the test of time and trend. This shirt dress is roomy enough to accommodate an expanding baby bump, and will still work when baby Zervas decides to make an appearance.

Lauren Moffatt Pintuck Top, via Flock

Last fall, Lauren Moffatt was expecting her own bundle of joy and demonstrated herself how perfectly the line transitioned to maternity wear. I can't wait to replicate with some of her pintuck tops.

Do you do a spring cleaning of your wardrobe? What’s the best or worst thing you found?

Spring cleaning is a must. I just completed the annual closet clean out and I am sorting through items to donate, parcel out to friends and sell. This closet purge turned up a Ralph Lauren tartan halter gown from high school, buried in with my snow gear, and forgotten for years. Digging out from Nemo brought about the happy discovery. Can't wait to pair it with a blazer this winter.

What do you have coming up that you need a new outfit for? Vacation, garden party, etc?

I am expecting our first child this fall, so clothing that will transition seamlessly from bump to belted is a must. I'm thinking flowy maxi dress for the shower- DVF, Hatch, Cynthia Rowley all have beautiful options that don't scream baby on board. 

Quick fix for dressing on trend this season - one item, makeup/hair tip, etc that can immediately bring you up to speed without a total wardrobe overhaul.

Bold, matte lip color. Neon pink, classic red, deep plumb. It's the quickest and cheapest means of brightening up your outfit. I prefer NARS matte lip pencils and lipsticks in Train Bleu, Dragon Girl, and Carthage (the best bright pink money can buy!).