Post Pregnancy Wardrobe MUST: Leather Leggings & Tunic Layers

Above: H&M jacket and tunic, Topshop leather panel legging (similar legging via Topshop), YSL booties (similar style from Chloe), Jerome Dreyfuss bag, Celine sunglasses, Camilla James earrings via M Flynn


This entire photo sequence makes me wish I knew how to splice together a GIF.  Me, trying to snap some quick photos before the Saks event (see previous post from 10/1).  Kiki, total photobomb, and last ditch effort to make mom play before she runs out of the house.

Like pets, babies are total lessons in patience. The baby is the sensei, I am but the humble grasshopper.  I discovered a few things this last month, but seriously wait, can you believe it has been a month since I had a BABY? What the....

Baby wisdom from a new mom, with a fashion twist:

Babies be babies. They don't know how to do anything other than cry, coo, pee and poop. They definitely don't know how to sleep. When the poop hits the fan, take it as an excuse to make an outfit change for yourself and baby. Multiple outfit changes in one day, very glamorous, no?

Don't fight the baby. You won't win. Type A's take note- you have no rigid agenda to follow anymore. You will follow the lead of your baby. Or have a meltdown, of pure and utter frustration. Arriving fashionably late, is tres chic no? At any rate might be a good excuse to blend in with some neutrals and sneak into what ever event you are arriving at late! 

And repeat after me- celebrities lose the weight because they have trainers. And dieticians. And nannies. Breast feeding does not equate to miraculous, spontaneous, weight loss. They also have stylists that help them find flattering clothes for this in between period. I have turned to the GAP and their constant markdowns. 

So now that I have adopted this new fashion mantra, and accept that I can not reason with a baby, things are falling into a bit of a groove. 

These leggings are a great post baby transitional item I bought while pregnant (non maternity wear again), that are great now that I still have the baby pounds to shed. I have been living in long, flowy tunics and layers these days. Any suggestions for other post baby clothing items that will make the in between time a little more bearable and not take a huge bite out of the budget? All ears!


Buy All This....or That


Saks Fifth Avenue Boston: Renovated and at the Ready


I geeked it out over this inlaid wood floor at Stella McCartney. Wowsa.


The always stunning Liz Ladoux, at the tables, fresh in from France.

A quick chance to catch up with Jean, of Extra Petite. Dont'cha just love her leopard?


Last Thursday marked the end of an era at the Boston Saks and likewise, the ushering in of a new era (complete with pink ribbon cutting ceremony), with the grand unveiling of a decadently designed new designer floor. 

Change is more often than not good, and this my friends, is very good.

The new designer shops are petite stores housed within the larger store. You can parade down the grand avenue that curls around the second floor and choose which designer shop you'd like to make a stop in. They are lavish spaces, each dedicated to a different designer, that reminded me of mini altars, sprinkled around this holy house of fashion.

Be sure to check out not only the cult worthy color blocked bags of Celine, but the beautiful slab of onyx that makes up the entire exterior wall. Likewise, I totally died over the inlaid pretty in pink wood floor of the Stella McCartney boutique. I am trying to figure out where to recreate this in my own house- perhaps an upgrade on baby Daphne's room?

I literally can not walk by the Alaia space without stopping to admire the flirty, flattering, timeless dresses he is so well known for. I am trying to talk husband into some incentive based post baby weight loss, with the end goal being my own Alaia dress. So, yeah, I'll let you know how that one goes, hah! I sense the negotiations around this purchase will be more intense than our foreign policy agenda with Iran- but I see a sliver of hope on both fronts. 

A gorgeous final product, just begging me to exercise the credit cards a bit. I'll try to stick to some actual exercise first.....then splurge!


This post was sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue. All opinions and future purchases are my own!