Saks Fifth Avenue Boston: Renovated and at the Ready


I geeked it out over this inlaid wood floor at Stella McCartney. Wowsa.


The always stunning Liz Ladoux, at the tables, fresh in from France.

A quick chance to catch up with Jean, of Extra Petite. Dont'cha just love her leopard?


Last Thursday marked the end of an era at the Boston Saks and likewise, the ushering in of a new era (complete with pink ribbon cutting ceremony), with the grand unveiling of a decadently designed new designer floor. 

Change is more often than not good, and this my friends, is very good.

The new designer shops are petite stores housed within the larger store. You can parade down the grand avenue that curls around the second floor and choose which designer shop you'd like to make a stop in. They are lavish spaces, each dedicated to a different designer, that reminded me of mini altars, sprinkled around this holy house of fashion.

Be sure to check out not only the cult worthy color blocked bags of Celine, but the beautiful slab of onyx that makes up the entire exterior wall. Likewise, I totally died over the inlaid pretty in pink wood floor of the Stella McCartney boutique. I am trying to figure out where to recreate this in my own house- perhaps an upgrade on baby Daphne's room?

I literally can not walk by the Alaia space without stopping to admire the flirty, flattering, timeless dresses he is so well known for. I am trying to talk husband into some incentive based post baby weight loss, with the end goal being my own Alaia dress. So, yeah, I'll let you know how that one goes, hah! I sense the negotiations around this purchase will be more intense than our foreign policy agenda with Iran- but I see a sliver of hope on both fronts. 

A gorgeous final product, just begging me to exercise the credit cards a bit. I'll try to stick to some actual exercise first.....then splurge!


This post was sponsored by Saks Fifth Avenue. All opinions and future purchases are my own!


Saks Beauty Week

 photo L1090845_zpse519e3df.jpg  


So I have a newborn baby.

What could possibly tear me away from said (really cute) newborn babe? The siren song of beauty products might have done it, at beauty and fashion mecca Saks. And when Saks Fifth Avenue called, I decided it was time to leave the house.

I was lucky to be invited to preview Beauty Week, going live today, coincidentally the same day as the unveiling of thier newly renovated space on the second floor. Double your pleasure with tons of fall fashion and beauty deals.

Beauty Week runs through Saturday October 5th. In between today and Saturday, expect a bonanza of beauty events (think Dior nail bar and Kilian cocktail bar, with fragrance inspired beverages to sample). The obligatory gift with purchase is included- a fun tote filled with goods from your fave brands, available with a purchase of $100 or more. If you are anything like me, you rarely stop there though.  When you shop at select counters, Georgio Armani, NARS, and Chantecaille among them, you get an additional gift with purchase.....in many cases full size goodness, and be honest, with beauty products (full) size DOES matter. 

Inside tips and products you need to be in the know about:

Scent-astic fave Jo Malone is stocked with delicious room and linen sprays, which I could easily OD on. Be on the look out for the seasonal pine and eucalyptus, landing in November. 

Have you heard of Kilian yet? I had not. But then again, I have been sequestered home with child. The scents are outrageously unique and keep your nose wanting more. Seriously, it was hard to limit my purchase to one, though I did, with a bottle of In the Garden of Good and Evil. My purchase was rendered resplendent with the inclusion of a mini-audiere case, topped with golden slithering snake, that cushioned the precious perfume. A perfume box that pulls double duty as clutch? Genius.

Chantecaille unveils its Wild Horses palette for fall, almost too pretty to use, but definitely a must purchase. Five percent of proceeds are donated to the Humane Society, to fund their efforts to save native wild horses. 

But wait there is way more. I have barely scratched the surface of all the beauty goodness.

Be sure to stop by and check it all out for yourself. 



Maxi Skirts & Denim Vesting It

Above: Maxi skirt (similiar) and necklace (similar) via Anthropologie, J Crew gladiator sandals (similar), Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos, Super Ciccio glasses, Old Navy t-shirt, and Gap denim vest (similar)


The experiment in sleep deprivation continues! 

Oddly, I think you get used to the lack of sleep and new sleep patterns rather quickly. Waking every 2 hours. Functioning on 4-5 hours of sleep. Suddenly, isn't so bad. I mean, I survived college, I can survive this. College was probably the last time I napped on the regular as well. I hate napping, but I have given in- my best zzz's are when the baby manages a few of them herself.

Another college parallel, I am carrying around my freshman 15 again. Most other college behaviour however, would likely be deemed totally inappropriate while nursing a baby (around the world shots? power hours? keg stands? oh lord, now I need to worry about my child doing these things). Shame I don't have many clothes left from those days....but then again, that was my 'Abercrombie' period, something better left behind...yes, I confess, I worked there in college and totally drank the Abercrombie koolaid. Fess up, you probably did too. How thankful am I that few photos exist of this period? Ahh the good ole days before digital. 

Signing off from the baby trenches....XOXO