CSA Cooking: Strawberry Creamcheese Bread Recipe


I joined our local CSA here in town, really not sure what to expect, but have been totally pleasantly surprised by the people and the produce. It is lovely seeing my neighbors, neighborhood pals, and new people every week while I pick up all my fruits and veggies. Sometimes I plan ahead when they send the weekly email, sometimes, I wing it and see what the farms throw at me. 

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Veronica Beard F/W 2013

Images: Veronica Beard


My fall shopping list, heavy on pretty much everything Veronica Beard: tweed, trenches, texture.....

I was lucky enough to catch this season's collection in NYC in February (post on Veronica Beard presentation here) and now I am trying to figure out what exactly I should buy.

Maybe time for the ultimate VB investment piece? The blazer? Or, go off season and pick up these fabulous print pants from the spring/summer line? I am still obsessed with them and think they would transition well into fall with a blazer, no?

Either way, I'll be checking out the collection in person at Viola Lovely's newest locale, in the South End. They are the only local spot to carry the up and coming brand. Set to open this month, my fall fashion shopping is waiting on baited breath, thinking of all the Nonoo, Veronica Beard, Jerome Dreyfuss and Isabel Marant goodness to come.


Dressing the Baby Bump: 37 Weeks, Maxed Out Maternity Style

Above: Asos Maxi (way old, though this version is a stunner!), J Crew Sandals, Jerome Dreyfuss Carlos bag, Super glasses


The refrain is the same, hot, nothing fits, swollen, and now heartburn from hell; I am maxed out mentally, physically, and closet-ally. Like satan himself is in my stomach pushing acid up with his pitchfork to torture me. More likely, my precious baby-to-be is leaning on my stomach at an awkward angle. Well, space is limited, afterall. I guess that is what I get for having had such an easy time of pregnancy up until this point.

I *think* I finally have some respite from my week long bout with heartburn, courtesy of an Rx from my doc. Keep your fingers crossed it continues to work. The one benefit, I have actually jump started my post baby, well back to normal, diet, since I am relegated to the land of yogurt, fruit, and thoroughly dull snacks that are unlikely to produce acid. How is this even legal when the CSA dumped 5.5 lbs of tomato, acid, goodness on me this week? I raise my fist to the sky and dare to ask: how much tomato sauce can one woman prep and freeze? I'm sure I'll be thankful for all the frozen goods in the weeks to come.

This dress is another non maternity fave, which you may remember from the days before I had 30 excess lbs of baby goodness protruding from my midsection, ok, ok, maybe a few padded the bottom as well (full post here, from last summer). 

I also have to thank BeStyled, the new blow dry bar at The Street in Chestnut Hill for a lovely afternoon of pampering. They let me rest my weary feet, washed out my locks, and styled them to perfection, note results above. Theresa and all the staff there were the sweetest. If you have not tried a blow out my friends, what are you waiting for? It was just what the doctor ordered (heartburn RX aside) for this weary mama, TLC for the tresses, for the price of a manicure/pedicure.