Chemins Blancs

Above: Chemins Blancs dress, Zara shoes, J Crew vest, Celine sunglasses, Gorjana necklace

The last leg of our recent trip to France found us in the city of Lyon for a few days. Lyon reminds me a lot of Boston- it oozes culture, history, fine dining and of course, like back home, it is teeming with students as a huge university center. Historically important for its production of silk and fabrics, Lyon still maintains a vibrant shopping scene with plenty of boutiques (independent and big brand alike) flanking the Place Bellecour, the main city square.

Just around the corner from our hotel, I discovered Chemins Blancs. Maria, the lovely shop owner, assisted me in shopping, told me more about the brand, and dished about Lyon in general.

The line itself, which became independent in 2007 and is designed by Monique Lener, exhibits the French characteristics I so love; good design, luxe fabrics, fine detailing, unique prints and classic cuts. Below are a few of my faves from the Spring look book (pretty much everything I tried on). As you can see, the dress I purchased also comes in a long version.....equally cute short or long in my opinion.

I wasn't able to find any retail information for the states online but I have an email in to the company and will update when I hear back. Until then, be sure to stop by any of their sixteen shops in France, you won't be disappointed!


Currently Obsessing

My weekly obsessions?

Warmer weather has brought on a flair for the dramatic with bright candles, colors, 
stacked bracelets and shoes.

This Virgin of Guadalupe candle from Stop and Shop for $2.99. I want them all over my 
deck for lighting up evening dinners.

Mix and match bright bracelets in tourqiouse, red, and everything else in between.
Where else? Forever 21.

Orange blush, bronzers, highlights and lips. NARS leaves me brilliantly pigmented with Taj Mahal blush.  I have quickly come to realize I can't live with out Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Sari d'Eau.

And the weekly bit of requisite shoe most recent acquisition- Isabel Marant suede heels. Heaven in fire engine red. I love them so much I even bought them a little to big, but
I figure with the summer hear and my swollen feet, no one will ever know the difference!


Get In My Closet: Jennifer Chun @ Louis Exposure & Interview

Designer Jennifer Chun is NYC based, Korea born, Ohio raised, full of Midwestern charm and warmth, and most importantly someone that you should get to know. The fashion visionaries at Louis Boston have made this incredibly easy for us by hosting the talented Chun as part of their Louis Exposure series this weekend (June 25 - 26).

Jennifer Chun's Fall/Winter 2011 line has already garnered a plethora of praise, all very much deserved. Her years of work at design houses Michael Kors, Derek Lam and most recently, Brian Reyes, where she was Senior Designer, shows in every well placed detail, each fabric choice, and the perfect color palette. 

The line itself is casual and chic, full of well tailored classics, sure to stand the test of time in any one's wardrobe. The look book is a show stopper, full of luxe faux fur, mixed with tweed, denim, suede, playful patterns, and all with a modern twist. For more on Jennifer, the line and look book, click here to check out the site.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer earlier this year on a trip to New York (more on that here) and chatting with her in advance of the event this weekend. We dished about the current line, plans for Spring 2012 and of course, 5 questions with Mon Petit Chou Chou.

What are the hallmark's of your design? I have heard it described a lot as preppy tom-boy, what do you call it?
I prefer to think of it as casually polished, though it does seem to reflect a slight tomboy edge. I take what are characteristically "dressy" pieces and dress them down a little bit, while maintaining their quality and a hint of  uptown. I never liked to feel overdressed.

What is your favourite piece from the current line?
Definitely the double breasted denim jacket, though I confess, I wear the calligraphy printed t-shirt dress the most, it is just so easy!

Any hints as to what Spring 2012 has in store for Jennifer Chun?
It will be consistent with my aesthetic, still graphic, but more utilitarian, a little cleaner for Spring.

5 Questions with MPCC:

Three dinner guests, dead or alive, you would most like to entertain?
Carine Roitfeld, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and Coco Chanel of course!

Your ultimate guilty pleasure?
Shopping- I shop for work, design, inspiration, myself. I am a shoe last purchase was the most insane pair of Givenchy boots. I can barely wear them but they are worth it.

Favourite city, place, neighborhood, in the world?
Besides New York?! Paris. My husband and I usually stay in the St. Germain. I don't have any favourite spots, the Musee d'Orsay aside, I prefer to wander the city and see what I find.

Actress who would play you in the movie of your life?
Hmmm, Keira Knightley. Not to girly but she seems substantive.

Macarons or Cupcakes?
Cupcakes. Billy's Bakery in NYC is divine. I stick with the classics, chocolate with vanilla icing.

Be sure to stop by Louis today and tomorrow to meet Jennifer in person! See you there!


Ladylike Skulls

Above: Kookai shorts, Erotokritos top, Pinkyotto jacket, vintage Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo flats.

Who knew skulls could be so ladylike and refined? This is the Erotokritos top I settled on in le Bon Marche on my Parisian shopping expedition (posted here).

I have not stopped wearing it. I wore it twice in France and multiple times since I have been home. It can be dressed up, dressed down (this weekend I paired it with some jean cut offs and sandals), with jeans (it perfectly compliments my red jeans in fact), you name it, it works.  What makes the top so brilliant is the light, flowy, delicate crepe material, and the darling print which upon close inspection, you realize isn't quite as darling as it seems. Red skulls cross and dot the shirt, along with decapitated skeletons, and random limbs. Kind of bad ass, kind of ladylike, and definitely very cool.

I am kind of obsessed with this line- can you tell? I ordered a pair of the handmade sandals in custom colors (orange and tan- check out the custom feature here at Coloring your Sandals) before I even left Paris. They were delivered last night, sure to be in heavy rotation for the rest of the summer.

The brand's designer, named Erotokritos, which means "of Crete",  is a Greek Cypriot, who studied in America and now works out of Paris, where he has two boutiques. Effortless Parisian chic, fun novel only question is when they will open a shop in the US. The brand does boast an outlet in Cyprus however, which sounds like the perfect opportunity for my next vacation abroad and just the chance I need to brush up on some Greek.


Get In My Closet: Between the Sheets Trunk Show & Interview

Above: Forty Winks, Between the Sheets items,  and Layla L'obatti (with the very same shorts 
I picked up for some seriously chic lounging)

Last weekend Forty Winks hosted Between the Sheets designer Layla L'obatti for an "intimate" trunk show.

How could I resist a chance to swing by my favourite local lingerie shop, meet the lovely designer and founder Layla, and take advantage of special discounts? In my opinion, the perfect activity away from the hullabaloo and parade traffic downtown. I also never miss a recommendation from my advisor at Style on the Couch, who continually steers me in the right direction when it comes to lingerie.

Ty (my chihuahua and shopping partner in crime) and I made the walk down to Harvard Square together, sipped some champagne, picked up a few frilly items, and had the opportunity to chat with Layla.

After studying at FIT and honing her skills at other intimates brands (Tommy Hilfiger and Nicole Miller), Layla decided to step out on her own with Between the Sheets Lingerie. The brand combines seriously chic and luxe deco inspired pieces for the lingerie minded, along with comfortable and cute lounge ware.

Layla was game to answer a few questions for us about the line and of course, go deep, with Five Questions with Mon Petit Chou Chou.

Because everyone is either a macaron or a cupcake person.

How did you decide to start designing lingerie?
I began designing lingerie in 2005 at the Fashion Institute of Technology where I studied fashion design and majored in intimate apparel. I saw my first vintage chemise at the museum there and it was love at first sight and I've been designing ever since. 

Starting your own line is such a leap of faith- how did you finally make this big decision?
For me there was this moment at my corporate design job where our head designer had left and I was left managing design for at one point three lines, and when I asked for a raise after a couple of months of proving I could handle the load my boss said he didn't know what I did. It was an eyebrow raising moment for me, but it gave me the push to have faith in myself. I thought "Why not do this for me instead". When we got our first press hit in Marie Claire and I saw my company's name I thought... I wonder if he knows what I do now- I know I do!

If you weren't designing what would you be doing?
I'm sure some sort of craft with my hands- painting, throwing pottery, or gardening are at the top of my list. 

Fabric you most like working with?
I love working with lace - it can be used as a trim or a fabric, and there are stretch and rigid varieties so it always proves an exciting challenge of how to honor one when I fall in love and decide to use it in a collection

Any sage advice to woman about buying lingerie?
Buy for yourself, buy what you will love to wear, your partner will appreciate the confidence you exude when you wear it no matter what the piece. 

5 Questions with MPCC:

Macaron or cupcake?

Favourite scent?
Lavender for the home, but my favorite perfume is Creed- inspired by Audrey Hepburn- light citrusy floral and not overpowering.

Last item of clothing you purchased?
Other than stealing my own BTS samples a Felina strapless from Forty Winks!

Product you could never live without?
Benefit's High Beam - I use it on my cheeks for that perfect glow all year round.

Top 3 songs played on your ipod?
At the moment I can't get these out of my head or off my playlist:
A Fine Frenzie - Electric twist
Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love
The Bird and the Bee- My Love